Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cards.

Like I’ve explained before, I may be a tad obsessed with Christmas.  We got married September 30th of 2011 so last year was our first Christmas together…and being that we were just married and had just sent out wedding thank-yous, we did not have a chance to Christmas cards too. 

Now that we have moved, what better way to send all our friends and family the new address than a Christmas card?!

I had looked all over Etsy for a card to purchase and then make copies of…but I could not find one!  I loved a lot about certain styles, but then didn’t love other things about them.  Feeling ambitious one day I decided to test out the idea of making my own.  You guys, I’m seriously no expert in Photoshop.  My sister is dabbling with the idea of starting a photography company so I have been attempting to edit some of her pictures…but that’s the just of it.  I’ve honestly googled more how to _______ on Photoshop than I care to admit.  But, like I said, I was feeling ambitious.

Photo via
First thing’s first was to get some photos… so I set up my background and picked out some outfits.  Then I called my personal photographer (aka my sister) and asked her to do a photoshoot with us.
I went with the classic mantle/tree shot.  Via my instagram
We had soooo much fun!  We were being so silly, and surprisingly we actually came out with some good shots!  We sorted through the good and bad and came up with 2 serious and one funny one to use on our card.  Then I spent way too much time on Photoshop and came up with a design that I’m actually pretty proud of.  So you wanna see the final product??
front copy
So what do you think? 
What kind of Christmas cards are you sending out this year?
Also… if you want to see more pictures from our little photo sesh, check out the photography blog here!

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