Monday, December 17, 2012

Date Night.

This year, Christmas came a little early.  Zack’s mom called and said that she bought us an early present that would come in the mail soon!

Much to our surprise, she had bought us tickets to the Straight No Chaser concert!  We were both so so excited.  The only song I had really heard of theirs was the 12 Days of Christmas, but I definitely loved what I had heard and could not wait for our little date night.

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After work that day we went home and got changed, any excuse to dress up!  We then made the trek to Downtown Portland.  When we used to live in Portland we did not go downtown much.  We lived probably 5 minutes away but just took it for granted.  I even worked downtown but still hardly spent anytime away from my office.  Now, living aways away, the magic of downtown is back.  It definitely seems more special to go downtown…but I don’t miss living there.

Anyways… so the first stop of date night was to Henry’s, one of my favorite places to eat!  We definitely misjudged our time though so we had to eat quick and run.

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The concert was amazing, I could not have been more happy with the show.  Both Zack and I agreed that it was our favorite concert…ever!  The guys in SNC are so funny and really bring their personalities to the show. The first half was mostly regular songs, and the second half was more dedicated to Christmas songs.  You guys, I’m serious…it was phenomenal!  I highly recommend going to one of their shows, especially during Christmas time.

The last encore they did was completely unplugged.  No mics, just their amazing voices.  The audience was silent and you could hear the men perfectly as they sang O Holy Night.  I got tears, cheesy but true.  

After the concert we decided to walk a couple blocks to Pioneer Square to see the big tree and grab some Starbucks holiday beverages for the ride home.  (Peppermint white mocha, my favorite!) 


It was the best night with my best friend!  It kicked off the holiday season perfectly, and we 100% plan on seeing SNC in concert again one day.

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