Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Festivities 2012


Man, what a whirlwind of a December.  I am truly a blessed with such amazing families on both mine and Zack’s sides and we had such an amazing time this holiday season getting to spend time with them all.  I want to do a quick run-through of our festivities this year, mostly for my own sake.  I truly love the holiday season, it’s so nice to be able to reflect on these special times all year round. :)

Like I mentioned before, I am a HUGE fan of Christmas. I frequently cry tears of joy thinking about all the cheer Christmas time brings me. I wish I was joking.  This year was no exception to my glee.

This year’s Christmas Eve outfit (drumroll please):


Look familiar?

untitledI even bought Zack a festive shirt this year… it says “Like a Boss.” :)


This is a panorama of the room mid-Christmas Eve gift extravaganza.  I always have the best time with my family. :) See the little mistletoe sticking up mid picture? That’s my head…

That night we changed into our brand new pink hooded onesies and hit the sack.  We woke up at 6am to open up stockings and do our immediate family gift exchange. I was so excited to give my parents and sister their presents!  We ate breakfast and made the trek into the airport…Zack and I had a plane to catch!


Our sleepy faced Christmas morning at the airport looks. Yes we both wore our almost matching green Christmas shirts, we wore them with pride!

Zack and I flew down to Southern Oregon to spend Christmas day (and a few days after) with his side of the family.  Last year we drove which was ok but flying is for sure the way to go!  It gave us 4 extra hours with family! 

A couple days after Christmas we decided to go find some snow with some of Zack’s extended family.  After driving for hours, due to some unexpected road delays, we were all so excited to pull into a random lake parking lot.  We were not exactly at a sledding hill…but with this view who cared?!


We were the only ones at the lake (for obvious reasons) so we set up camp in the snow covered parking lot and spent the day sledding, building snow caves, and spending time around the campfire.  It was such a great day!

untitled22In the car, we call ourselves serious sledders.


Zack’s cousins and I, so lucky to be semi-related to such great girls!


All the ladies around the campfire.

We were sad to leave Zack’s hometown, but it was less hard to say goodbye because his parents were coming with us!  We were especially excited to show Zack’s dad our new place, he had not been able to visit yet.  They were able to stay a few days with us, including New Year’s Eve!  NYE is also my dad’s birthday so we decided to get both of our parents (and my sister) together for a low-key game night.  It was a fun little night spent at home playing games.


We had such a wonderful end to 2012 spending so much quality time with the ones we love most.

What was your favorite part of the holidays? Any special memories you’ll have after this year’s festivities?

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