Monday, January 21, 2013

Merci Chocolates

I never thought of myself as a lucky person.  I’ve entered tons of contests and giveaways in my life and have won a handful.

When I was like 6 or 7 I was at some sort of convention and I won this little gem:


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Remember these?! Considering I was the girliest of girls, I am surprised I loved this so much.  I adorned my bunk beds in hot pink and purple rubber spiders, scorpions, and snakes that I created in my new favorite machine.

Then, when I was 13 or 14 I went to Florida with my family for a business convention.  The last day of the expo a booth was handing out raffle tickets to all the kids to get rid of the decorations on their display.  Much to my surprise, I was the lucky winner of this bad boy:


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I’m not kidding, this thing is huge.  We almost had to buy it a seat on the airplane.  Luckily, we were just able to squish it into the overhead bin.

Those are the 2 things that come to mind when I think of lucky wins… until today!  When I enter blog contests I obviously hope I win, but the chances are slim and I know this.  The other day I entered a contest on Gracie’s blog Girl Meets Life for Merci Chocolate, and I won!!  I received my prize, and could not be more excited!  These are just the most elegant looking chocolates I’ve ever seen, not to mention delicious!



The box I received contained 7 delicious flavors, milk chocolate, coffee and cream, hazelnut-almond, hazelnut-crème, dark cream, dark mousse, and praline-cream.  The pictures are of the first one I tried, the coffee and cream, it is amazing!  I can’t wait to try all of the rest.

Thank you Gracie and Merci Chocolate for this delicious treat!



*This is not an advertised post, I just won a contest and wanted to share my excitement.  All thoughts/opinions expressed are my own and 100% truthful.


  1. LUCK DUCKY! I stopped entering giveaways because I just never win!

    1. Don't give up!!! I barely entered this contest because I thought the same thing. I entered on a whim and WON! So exciting...I'm not banking on it happening again any time soon, but it's worth a shot. :)


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