Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Bachelor [a recap]

Am I a deep and meaningful person? Yes!

Do I still indulge each week in some trashy reality TV? Yes!

I love me some Bachelor, especially now that Sean is the star.  Here are some of my rambling thoughts from this week’s episode.



(I obviously do not suggest reading this unless you want to know details that may spoil the episode for you.)


  • Holy moly, I wish I had a dollar for every time they show Sean without his shirt.  Heck, even a quarter! I’d be one rich gal.

Selma’s Date

  • Going into Selma’s date I was not too excited.  She was not my favorite from day one… but the chemistry was intense, that much was clear. From the moment they stepped into the limo their hands were all over each other!
  • I think it’s obvious that Sean is serious about this “jorney” (cheesy, yes…) but he wants to see each girl out of their element and their true self… as best as you can on national television with camera crews, that is. :)
  • I like how they make it seem like Selma and Sean are just alone in the desert climbing rocks, no experts there to strap them in or anything…right.
  • Anyone else notice Selma’s girls coming out all over the place?!


  • I completely respect that Selma stood by her beliefs and did not kiss Sean…however, that being said, is it really fair for her to be putting out the vibe so strongly and being so handsy the whole time? Is that any better than kissing him on national TV? Thoughts…?
  • End of the date thoughts: Still not a huge fan of Selma but I respect her a lot more knowing where she’s coming from. I think Sean is looking for a girl with morals so he doesn’t mind, and what guy doesn’t love a little hard to get? Nuff said.

Group Date

  • Tierra is ridic… “I don’t need no chaperones.”
  • If I was one of these girls on the roller derby date…I would probably cry.  I mean I’m competetive just like any other girl, but like Ashlee…not my cup of tea.
  • Poor Sarah.  It must have been awful to admit she was having a disadvantage…but she rocked it!
  • Amanda got cocky. That is all.
  • After all of the build up, I expected a bit more drama from the roller derby part of the date.
  • Sean loves Sarah. He always makes the extra effort to give her special attention.
  • Amanda and Tierra are awful.  That is all the attention I will give them because that’s obviously the reason they are on the show.


Leslie’s Date

  • Leslie is a silly silly girl.  Some of her expressions make me think she may be a little immature…maybe looking for the fairytale story in general, not necessarily with Sean.
  • What a great date! Gosh, it looked so much fun! I was not a huge fan of all the Pretty Woman comparisons though…she’s not a prostitute?!


  • I feel awful for Leslie, but I think it was the right choice. There was no click factor, and I think if she thought about it later, she would feel the same.  I think she might see that it might have just been the idea of living the perfect story, without necessarily having it feel right.
  • She had a very respectable exit with Sean.  You go girl!

Rose Ceremony

  • Shouldn’t the fact that Tierra is warning you about girls telling you she has bad intentions a bad sign? Come on, Sean!
  • Catherine’s kiss…awkwarrrrrd.

Favorites      Still on the fence      No, thank yous
Ashlee                Robyn                  Lindsey
Desiree                                         Catherine
Lesley                                          Jackie
Sarah                                           Selma

Until next week…

Let’s talk Bachelor, favorites? Least favorites? What do ya think?


  1. I only saw the first episode of the Bachelor and that was kind of a fluke thing (I've never really watched it). But that was enough for me to not be down with that Tierra girl.

    1. Oh gosh, it's one of those shows I am ashamed to be obsessed with. I am way too invested in trashy reality television, but I've finally admit it and accepted the fact. :)

  2. I was not a fan of Leslie. She had the weirdest sayings and yes, expressions. I did feel bad for her when he dumped her at dinner. Especially because he'd been firing a bunch of interview-like questions and her. But you could tell she was just trying to say the right things : ) I actually liked Tierra until this last episode : ) But now I like Des and Lesley.

    1. The first episode Tierra was my favorite! She was my #1 pick...Then I just felt silly after seeing the "this season on the Bachelor.." clips.


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