Wednesday, January 23, 2013



My 24th birthday.

Today I become older, wiser, and wayyyyy more mature. 

Who are we kidding? :) 

It may be my 25th birthday but I do not feel like any of these things quite yet.  Would it be completely bratty of me to say that 24 was just not the best year for me?  I mean, in all honesty 24 did not stand a chance in comparison to 23. 

At 23 I got engaged to my best friend, married him in an amazing wedding, and moved in together for the first time. It was a spectacular year, one of the absolute best in my life… so obviously 24 paled a bit in comparison.

24 was such a year of growth and change.  It quite frankly was exhausting, and I am still recovering! BUT…all those changes brought me to where I am today, and I could not be more happy!  I am determined to make 25 a great one, one for the record books!

In lieu of my typical birthday blues that I mentioned briefly here, I decided this year would be different.  I am spending the morning enjoying crepes and coffee with a few of my favorites… then we are going to get our nails done. After that I plan on just hanging out and soaking up the time with all my favorite people until I head to a fancy-once-a-year-kinda dinner with my love.

I absolutely cannot wait to spend the day reflecting on this new year of life with those that know me best. :)

Does 25 sound old to anyone else?!


  1. yes. girl - i can relate! I turn 25 this year (in May) and I keep telling people I am almost 25... I am almost old! You are officially in your mid-twenties - no longer early twenties and you can stay there at 24 but 25. TWENTY FIVE is the turning point ;) ahahha. but I hear it only gets better :)

    1. I sure hope so. I have found that my new-found positive attitude about my 25th birthday really helped. It was one of my favorite birthdays yet!


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