Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bachelor [my thoughts]

And then there were 3…

**Spoilers are included so if you haven’t watched the newest episode of the Bachelor then don’t scroll down!**
Here are my thoughts on the episode…
Thoughts before watching the episode:
All season long AshLee has been on my list of favorites, but once she turned into a mushy love bubble I just wasn’t feeling her anymore…I felt like she was too emotional.  She went all in and I feel like Sean would just wreck her if he decided to end things…too dependent on him already.  Just how the tv show made her look, anyways.
Lindsey was never on my favorites, mostly because we only saw that flirty, crazy side of her early on.  After the hometown date though, I liked her a lot more, and could for sure see Sean fitting into that family.  She may be my front runner thus far.
Catherine was also not my initial favorite.  She made one suggestive comment early on about not eating meat but loving meat, that did not give the best first impression of her to me.  As the weeks went by I started to really like their fun relationship, and liked getting to see the serious side of her too.  I loved her hometown date and would say she is my #2 pick for Sean, but I don’t see it happening for some reason.
Lindsey’s date:

  • Lindsey looked super cute! Simple, but very well put together.
  • The chemistry between Lindsey and Sean is obvious, he cannot keep his hands or lips off her!
  • I want a little pink bird! Is that humane?
  • I don’t care how much I loved this guy, I am seriously not sure if I could eat those bugs…I would be puking all over and that cute little lady probably would be offended.  I’m adventurous yes, but I can be adventurous without eating bugs.
  • “You’re the best friend that I’ve been looking for.” FTW.
  • Monkeys and sunsets…doesn’t get much better than that.
  • The awkwardness before the I love you kills me.  Regardless, I feel like at this point Lindsey has it in the bag.
AshLee’s date:

  • I said it before…but AshLee is too much for me.  I want to be happy that she is laying it all out there and trusting completely…but, it scares me a little.  I don’t want her heart to get hurt!
  • AshLee is the Queen of life/love comparisons.
  • I would like to think that in this cave I wouldn’t be too scared.  You’re on the Bachelor.  They’re not going to send you into some random dangerous cave.  And what about the camera crew?  Me thinks they’re in a boat nearby.
  • I want to go to that private little beach!! Talk about romantic.
  • We get it girl, you’re in love…you don’t have to tell us 1200 times.
  • I think Sean is such a stand up guy, I respect him making it clear that his intentions for the overnight date are not for sex.  I also really respect AshLee for making her boundaries clear from the get go.
  • I think Sean and AshLee are cute…but the chemistry is not like Lindsey and Sean’s.  They have the deep connection, but not necessarily the click factor.
Catherine’s date:

  • Catherine is too cute, you can tell how excited she is just to see him!
  • Sean has that spark with Catherine too, he loves to cuddle and kiss her…I didn’t see that with AshLee.
  • Whoaaa. Those are some passionate kisses in the rain.  For sure the most passionate we’ve seen so far.
  • I like how low maintenance Catherine is.  She always looks gorgeous, but it looks like she doesn’t have to give it much effort!
  • Are these dates back to back? I feel like at the end of the third date he would be exhausted!
  • I love Catherine and Sean’s dynamic so much.  I think they are too cute!  I can’t decide who my favorite is anymore!
Final Thoughts:
I knew from their date that AshLee was leaving.  I have to say though, despite how much pain she must have been feeling, she had the classiest exit of Bachelor history.  She held it together and handled it better than I ever could have.  
AshLee is such an amazing woman and I do believe she will find love too one day. Just from what I saw on TV, and I realize that we only see a small chunk of things, maybe she should be investing all that love into Jesus and not putting all that pressure one one guy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband more than anything, but I know that God is my rock, and if I put anyone above Him, then I am bound to wind up disappointed.  I’m for sure not one to judge though.
Deep thoughts from the Bachelor, all in a day’s work folks. :)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode?  Who is your #1 pick?


  1. you and i are so on the same page!!! i just didn't see quite the same connection w/ him & ashlee that he has w/ the other girls! she is such a sweetheart and i'm sure God has someone great for her! And i'm so torn between lindsey & catherine as a favorite! they are both great girls, both really sweet and fun. it definitely seems to me that his and lindsay's lives would mesh better. can't wait to see how it all plays out!!

    1. I know! I just can't decide who I like better with him.

  2. haha such a great post. I like Catherine because she is so goofy, fun and real! love your blog pretty :]


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