Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remembering Momo


My uncle Todd, aka my Uncle Momo, was such a great guy.  I have a large family with tons of aunts and uncles—and we are all super close, mostly because we all live within an hour or so of each other.  Family gatherings are something I have always looked forward to, my family has so much joy!

IMG_0895taken in the 90’s, clearly :)

My uncle moved away when I was a bit younger, he lived in the Grand Caymans for awhile and then settled down in Colorado.  We went to visit once which is where the nickname Momo came from, that was his Colorado nickname.  We thought it was funny so we brought it back to Oregon.  We never did find out the real reason why they called him that, but we had fun making up ridiculous stories.  Considering the distance between us, he still made a way to stay in close relationships with each and every one of us.


He was a kid at heart, and he loved hanging out with “his girls,” he was never embarrassed to dress up or be silly with us.  He loved being adventures.  He went snowboarding in the winter and played soccer in the summer, he always grabbed the opportunity to surf while visiting home.

Sadly, 2 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day we got the awful, unexpected news of his passing.  We were all shocked, it was a terrible accident, but we clung together and got through it.

Last year on the first anniversary of his death we decided to head to one of my uncle’s favorite places, the beach.  We threw some roses into the ocean in remembrance of him, reflected on the amazing memories we had, and took a shot of Crown Royal… hey, it was his favorite. :)


The Oregon coast doesn’t have the best reputation weather wise, but that day was perfect!  The clouds parted and the sun was shining, it could not have been better!

This year, on St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to keep the tradition and head to the beach.  Zack and I went down for the day and met the rest of the pack who had been there an extra day.  Like the year before, the weather did not disappoint.  It wasn’t sunny necessarily, but it didn’t rain and on the Oregon coast that is a win.


576102_535168492353_712426613_nThe 3 amigos

734024_535168552233_18714719_nmy love


One of our favorite things to do when he called our family at holidays was to sing him the “Shining Star” song.  The 3 of “his girls” would sing, “Uncle Momo you, are our shining star don’t you go away” over and over and over again.  He loved it and would just laugh.  I still can’t hear that song without tearing up a bit, but it always leaves me with a smile knowing how much joy it brought him.

Our whole family was not prepared to lose my Uncle Momo prematurely 2 years ago.  It caught us all off guard when we got the call late that St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t know why God lets things like these happen… but I do know that He is huge and His ways are greater than I’ll ever understand.  Since that day 2 years ago we are all hugging each other a little tighter and never taking a day for granted.


  1. I am very sorry your family's loss, Angela. :(

  2. so glad that y'all got the chance to be together and remember your uncle! looks & sounds like it was a special time for all of you! hugs! =)

  3. I am so sorry for your loss! But this was such a sweet post. What amazing memories!!

  4. What a beautiful tribute, Angela! He sounds like the BEST kind of uncle. As an aunt of 7 nieces and nephews myself, I am inspired by your story of him to be THAT kind of fun, loving, and dedicated aunt! What special memories you have to cherish! Hugs, friendie!

  5. I'm sorry for your loss, dear. I'm glad you were able to spend the day with loved ones as a tribute to your uncle.

  6. Aw, I'm so sorry about your loss. Your uncle sounds like he was SO awesome and you guys were lucky to have him. I love that you all took some time to remember him like that though. You'll always have those special memories of him to cherish in your heart! And you're right– God's ways are much, much bigger than we will ever understand :)

  7. ::hugs:: It sounds like he was a great man.
    So glad y'all continue to honor his memory the way that y'all do!


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