Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sparkly Pink Stars & Blog Buttons

This is a random post… Just some loose ends that I have been thinking of lately. :)

  • I have tried in the past to get with the GFC program, but I never loved it.  I stuck to Bloglovin’ because it was easier for me… now it looks like BL is taking over!  If you would like to follow me there I would love it! Just click this button to go to my BL page, and click follow!
Follow on Bloglovin
  • On that note, have you guys seen my blog button?  I would love to do a swap if anyone is interested.  I only have one blog buddy on my sidebar at the moment, but I would love to feature your blog too! 

Harrells On Hood
  • I think it’s funny to see the random search keywords that bring people to my little corner of the internet.  Some of the best I’ve seen recently are:

    • Sparkly pink star-Hope these searchers were satisfied with my sparkly pink star ratings for my book reviews. :)
    • Obsessed with Christmas cards-Christmas cards are great, especially ours this year… but I’d say I’m pretty much obsessed with Christmas altogether.  I love every little thing about it.
    • God is an encourager-I love that posts such as these three posts have possibly brought encouragement to others.  That is why I love the blog world SO much.  So many of your blogs have been encouraging to me throughout different seasons of my life…I only hope that I can do the same for others.


What random keywords have brought people to your blog?
Happy Thursday, everyone! :)


  1. Yay for Bloglovin'! I'm still trying to get used to using it to follow blogs.. I'm not sure why, but it a difficult adjustment for me. Anywho, happy Thursday!!!

  2. I just made the switch to Bloglovin this week- so far, so good!

  3. I love reading the key words that brought people to my blog. Yours are fun. :-)


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