Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awkward Angela

Today I am linking up with Amy and Katie to share something pretty great with the blogiverse…


Today I am choosing to share with you an awkward childhood photo.  After much thought and consideration about which photo to select I went with this one… I might as well bring my dad and sister down with me. :) But seriously, look at that mustache and those overalls, they are much too great to not share!

This was the first (and only) big cross country road trip my family took.  I was in 2nd grade and we went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to visit my Uncle Momo.

We were at this park somewhere near Steamboat and all I can remember is that it smelt real bad…like sulfur.  And it was like a million degrees out.

Not only are my jeans 12 sizes too big, (thank you hand-me-downs) but the lovely shirt you see here adorned in teddy bears is 1 of 2.  My mom had a matching one and you’d better believe we wore them together!  Now,if only I had a picture of that!

Thanks for hosting the link-up girls! It’s so fun to relive these awkward times… and to be glad they’re finally over.  Thank God I finally decided to grow out those bangs! ;)


  1. Adorable...and awkward! I look at pictures of myself as a kid and wonder what my mom was thinking when she dressed me! She always says, "that was the style." I wonder what my kids will think when they look back at their childhood photos?

  2. oh my goodness YES!
    I had a few of those teddy bear shirts....more than a few! and my mom wore them with me (and overalls!)
    You do look adorable though, and what a great memory to have with your family!!!!
    Thanks For Linking Up Angela!

  3. Haha, too funny! I love the idea of posting awkward family photos. ;-)

  4. LOVE IT. While I never had a teddy bear shirt, I definitely had the overalls. Oh, old school fashion. Thanks for joining in the fun with us :)

  5. Hahaha, the fact that you and your mom had matching teddy bear shirts? AMAZING. :)


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