Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Mini Vacation

A couple months ago Zack and I went to a convention for work.  At one of the morning meetings Zack won a few gift certificate to a little Resort in Eastern Oregon called Kah-nee-ta.  I have been to Kah-nee-ta a few times before, most notably for our senior skip day in high school…but never overnight.

Last week Zack and I decided to cash in those vouchers and have ourselves a mini-vacation!

Remember when I told you I am 100% unable to take a serious picture?  Here is proof of that.  This is on our little balcony before we left.  Zack’s mom gave me this skirt when she was visiting for Mother’s Day.  I asked Zack to take a picture to send to her…this is the result. Now that I think of it, Zack’s mom actually gave me the skirt, shoes, and necklace in this pictures.  What can I say, that lady has some serious style. :)
I am kicking myself for not taking any photos of the actual pool, or Zack and I in general at the pool…or Zack’s lobster red legs because he forgot to apply sunscreen to just his legs… but this is the book I read at the pool.  It is so so good! I haven’t finished yet, but I am a huge fan.  More details coming soon. :)
This is my chair.  Look closely… notice anything?  You guys, I was millimeters away from getting pooped on by a bird!  Never has that happened to me before, but it was seriously a close call.
*Note* This is not a real picture.  But that is how dangerously close the poop came to my head.
These are the teepees you can rent to sleep in.  Each one has a little campfire area and a bench inside.  I think it would be very cool with kids…but we chose to stay in the hotel this time. :)
It is such a gorgeous place!
This is the only picture I took of Zack, and really it’s of my glass of champagne.  Kidding, kidding!  But really, we got to have dinner at the restaurant, and the view was insane!  But of course, this is the closest picture I got of the view…
I’ll blame it on the champagne.
(Isn’t this the cutest little bottle of champs you’ve ever seen?!  I need a 12 pack of these to keep in my fridge!)
Overall we had an amazing, relaxing trip.  It was a much needed getaway and we were so lucky to have the opportunity.  The next day we had planned on having another pool day but the weather didn’t cooperate.  So instead we drove to a nearby town and found a coffee shop to play cards in.  Yes, we are 80 years old…and no I would not change a thing. :)
Where is your favorite place to go for a mini-getaway?


  1. Beautiful pictures...I like the teepees. I will have to keep this place in mind if we ever make a trip to the West Coast.

  2. What a beautiful, fun getaway!!! We love to do little 2 or 3 day getaways as a family and being a military family, we generally try to go to fun places close to where we live while we have the opportunity! While living in washington, we did seattle and portland. While we've been here we've done atlanta and jacksonville! I could probably enjoy going to a hotel down the street if it meant i don't have to clean for a couple days! ha! ;)

  3. What a fun weekend! I've only been to KaNeeTa once but I'm really thinking Nate and I need to go there. It's only a few hours away! Maybe I'll suprise him for our anniversary. :-D Also, that skirt is darling and so is that bottle of champaigne. ;-)

  4. Ah, sounds like fun!

    My family and I like to rent a big house up in the mountains for a few days. It's a big huge house with wrap-around deck right in the middle of pine trees everywhere. Pretty much one of my favorite places on earth

  5. Looks like a beautiful place! I would have opted for a hotel, instead of teepees, too :)

  6. What an awesome mini-cation! And that book looks awesome -- can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  7. That outfit is seriously styling!!
    AND UMM THAT PLACE IS GORGEOUS! Teepees....WOW i would totally do that one day (with kids for sure) but you're right hotel is probably the way to go (at least the first time around).
    UMMM POOP?! wow...stinkin' birds.
    Also that book looks fun i'm excited to hear your thoughts on it!

  8. That picture of you next to the bird poop is hilarious. I love when people draw for their blogs. It adds character? That looks like such a nice relaxing getaway. We like to go up to Park City for our little mountain getaways.

  9. Mini-vacations are the best! We have a camp ground with a teepee and I think I need to go camping with my family there at some point. It just has to happen.

  10. What a fun trip! I love mini-vacations! Such a great way to relaxed!
    A bird pooped on my shoulder once! And in my coffee!

  11. looks like a nice mini vacation! i would love to stay in a teepee one day!

  12. Sometimes a litter getaway and escape from real life is just what you need! And Your skirt is so cute! My mother-in-law likes to buy me things but her style is frighteningly different from mine.

  13. Oh fun! I'm so glad you guys got a chance to get away! Also, I'm glad you didn't get pooped on by the bird, haha!


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