Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sock it to me.

I think it’s time I let you all in on a little secret…

It’s something I do pretty much every day, something that occasionally embarrasses my husband, and used to embarrass my mom and sister a lot…

Now that I’ve built it up, you ready to know what it is?


I don’t match my socks.  I feel like it’s a waste of life.

Let me explain…

I hateeee putting away laundry, but I do it to keep my room tidy.  When it comes to the tedious job of matching socks and stressing about where the other sock might have gone… I skip it.  When I pick out what socks to wear I just grab 2 random socks out of the drawer, easy as that.

When I was little I am pretty sure I didn’t match my socks simply because I was lazy.  But it’s turned into sort of a personal statement.  A tribute to life, if you will.

Life is too short to wear matching socks.

Call me crazy, but I believe it. :)


  1. I was just having a conversation with a co-worker about how my girls will do this. It drives me crazy!! But, it's self-expression, right? :)

  2. I only match mine because the feeling one of one being a different material/type than the other will annoy me. But I've worn some throughout the day that were technically two different shades of white or tan.

  3. I have a set of socks that are all the same fabric/thickness/design (but all different colors) that I mismatch pretty frequently. I wouldn't like wearing socks of different thickness, though. One of my besties NEVER matches her socks. Like you, it's kind of a "thing" now. :)

  4. i agree!! but i also hate socks so i really only have maybe five pairs - three of them being winter wool socks! i only wear socks if i have to!

  5. Hey, I wear the KB sock (from Costco?) too! Although I can't stand wearing mis-matched socks, I love that it's your statement! I love your look on life, lady! :)


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