Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Surprises

I feel like I took a long break from blogging, but it’s only been 5 days!  Weird how this little blog has become such a part of my life lately.  I love being able to document the things we have been up to and all the wonderful memories we’ve made.

Over the past week we have been really busy with so many fun things.  On Monday after work we hopped in the car and drove 5 hours to surprise Zack’s mom for her birthday!  She was very surprised, especially since we got there late, they were already in bed. :)  After getting to spend 3 wonderful days there we packed up our car and drove home. 

Here are some highlights from our trip, although I didn’t take too many photos—I found myself really just wanting to soak up the time with all the family we don’t get to see as often as we would like to.


This is Gracie…or Garcia, the jury is still out on that one.  I fell in love with this new little kitten while we stayed with Zack’s parents.


Majority of the photos taken on this trip we of her… (or him?)  I just loved it!


…Even when it slept allllll night like this.


While visiting Zack’s grandma I got to see this gem.  My husband was a 7 1/2 year old protégé. 


Karen’s birthday morning started with mimosas and an incredibly delicious fried egg sandwich from this fabulous restaurant.  My mouth is watering thinking about it… I will have to try recreating it at home.


We then met up with more family at a cute little vineyard.  Who doesn’t love a vineyard with swings?


When we got back to the house we saw this old mustang sitting in the driveway.  Zack’s dad had borrowed it for Karen to drive on her birthday. :)  Too cute.


We had a great time cruising around town in it.


The happy birthday girl. :)


This is one of my favorite places! :)


Little did Karen know her best friend had planned a fabulous birthday dinner party with all of her closest friends.  She was very surprised!  This is the beautiful table set up.  All the food was amazing!  It was just so nice to spend time with all the people who love and appreciate Karen just as much as I do!


And just like that we were on our way home.  Our trips to visit Zack’s family never seem long enough, we are always wishing we could stay a bit longer… but this time we had a bust weekend to get back for.

My cousin got married on Saturday, so Friday and Saturday were jam-packed full of wedding preparations and festivities.  It was such a special wedding, I will definitely have to write about it another day. :)

*Sidenote* We purchased this necklace for Zack's mom from the Splendor Shop with a "Z" "C" & "J" charm for each of her boys.  I wish I would have snapped a photo of Karen wearing it, but she loved it!  I loved working with Laura from the Splendor shop and am obsessed with every single item she sells!  If you don't follow the shop's instagram yet you should...every Friday she does special deals! 

How was your weekend?  What’s new?


  1. It was sweet of you to drive for 5 hours to surprise her!

    Beautiful kitty.

  2. Your glasses are so cute!! And your MIL is beautiful! Glad you had a good time celebrating her birthday :)

  3. Sounds like a fun time. I am so in love with the kitten!

  4. What a fun birthday trip!!! I'm sure she adored the surprise! :-)

  5. Oh my gosh the kitten snuggles! And what an awesome trip -- happy birthday again!

  6. How fun! And that mustang is gorgeous! My dad has one that's similar and I love it! Definitely an eye turner ;)

  7. Such a cute kitty!!

    Also, the mustang-for-a-day-birthday-gift... that's what I'm talking about! Very nice!

  8. That is seriously my dream car! *drool* I'm so jealous.

  9. Looks like such a fun time! I was super sick this weekend so I would have loved doing all of that!

  10. Soooo fun! You are adorable:) love Katie


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