Monday, June 17, 2013

Making Good Mondays [part two]

In case you didn’t know this already…I love flowers.  (As seen here.)

Another thing I loveeeee lately is the link-up hosted by Brooklyn called Making Good Mondays.  Mondays aren’t always the best, everybody knows that… but we are reclaiming our Mondays by doing something great for someone in our life each week!

The first week I participated I wrote a unique (but awesome) letter to an old friend.  This week the challenge was again, right up my alley…

Buy flowers for someone!

So, with this challenge in mind, I thought of the perfect person… my dear friend Stacey. 

Stacey is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  We met in college and became instant friends…we even lived together for our last semester of college.  We’ve experienced a lot together…

My first sushi experience…


Many trips to Olive Garden while her boyfriend (now husband) worked there…


Lots of special occasions to dress up… (including many Halloweens, an 80’s anniversary party, and one random trip to Safeway dressed as gangsters?)




aaaaand not to mention both of our weddings…


Basically, she’s one of my very best friends! 

Stacey has owned her own little coffee shop now for a year and I am soooo proud!!  It has always been her dream, and she is doing so great at running it!  She just had her one year anniversary party at the shop and I was extremely bummed to not be able to make it.

Luckily, we had plans to meet up a few days later and catch up… I knew this was the perfect occasion for my Monday goal!  I headed out to the farmer’s market for some flowers.


Can you believe this gorgeous bundle was only $7?! I love the farmer’s market most for its flowers.  I brought a card to go with them, but could not for the life of me find a pen—this turned out to be an ok thing because it just forced me to tell Stacey in person how insanely proud I am of her.

Unfortunately I failed at blogging and didn’t snap a picture of her with the flowers… I did however snap this gem…


Us with our $5 happy hour margs.

Priorities, people. :)

Hope you’ll join us by linking up for next Monday’s challenge!


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! And meeting up with a long-time friend is so very fun!

  2. Ooooo....yes....there was a farmers market on the island we lived on in washington that had the most gorgeous flowers for super cheap!! I loved it!! Looks like such a fun friendship ~ congrats to her on living her dream!!! =)

  3. It's cool that she owns a shop...sometimes I wish we could do that. Pretty flowers.

  4. I love that you two have been friends for soooo long! that is beyond adorable! and congrats to her and following her dreams! I am so envious!

    Happy Monday my dear!

  5. What a blessing you are to your friends!!! Also, I'm pretty jealous of the five dollar margaritas. ;-)

  6. I love how you guys have been friends for SO long. That's so sweet. And kudos to her for owning her own coffee shop! That's so cool. And so sweet that you bought her flowers! You are such a good friend. :)

  7. So fun! I love this post! Thanks for participating Angela! :)
    What an amazing gal to open up her own shop! Also, your wedding dress is gorgeous. I can't get over it.

  8. Aw I love old/long friends! Those photos are the best : )

  9. Those pictures are epic! What a sweet idea, do wonderful things for others to help their mondays, and therefor your mondays better. Love it.


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