Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eryn & Andy’s Wedding


A couple weeks ago we attended the wedding of my cousin Andy and his better half, Eryn.  (Who also happens to be my sister’s best friend!)  This photo was from the rehearsal dinner the night before.  My cousin Andy was like an older brother to us growing up, he lived with us during the summer and worked for my parents.  I was so excited to celebrate his marriage!

Eryn had been working secretly on wedding details for a long time, and I couldn’t wait to see how everything would come together.

Not to mention, my family always has a great time when we get together. :)

Here’s a few photos of their big day.  We had so much fun celebrating their love and dancing the night away!

IMG_0380Naturally, in true Ang & Jessie fashion, before the wedding we had a little photoshoot at my place.


This was the beautiful venue.  It could not have been a more perfect day!  This picture was taken after the ceremony, so picture chairs there too…and during the ceremony you could see the peak of the mountain in the background!


My dad officiated the wedding, which he’s never done before so he was veryyyy nervous.


The 4 flower girls were adorable.  It was my job to keep them occupied and out of trouble before the ceremony, so I got to know them pretty well.  I had a blast dancing with 2 of them all night long. :)


The gorgeous bride and her dad!


They sent their wishes for their life together away tied to big balloons.  It was a cute idea that I had never seen done before.


After the ceremony we wasted no time taking lots more photos with our family.  Can you believe this was the first time I wore lipstick…ever?  I mean, besides dress up when I was little.  I was a fan of this pink shade… but I did feel silly wearing it, like I was still playing dress up all night.


My partners in crime.


Zack, me, my cousin Nick and his wife Lindsey.  The 4 of us snuck away to this little pond nearby to take more photos.  The scenery at this venue was just so pretty!


Nick and I used to tell people we were twins because we were born only 10 days apart!


Jessie and I were trying to create a love connection between Cooper and this little flower girl. :)IMG_0421

Photo bombed. :)


My sister and I.


Just your normal cousin jump picture, right?



Doesn’t this just melt your heart?  This little flower girl LOVED to dance with Zack.  It was so dang cute, I’m glad someone got a picture!

All in all it was a successful wedding.  We had so much fun, and there were tons of little details that made it perfect for Eryn and Andy.  (Which of course I didn’t get any pictures of…)

bubble wrap

Eryn specifically LOVES bubble wrap…so for their getaway, instead of the normal sparklers or confetti, every grabbed a sheet of bubble wrap and popped it as they ran to their car.  It actually sounded very cool, I was pretty amazed.

Memories like these may not be fun to read for people that aren’t in my family, but I am so thankful for this little space to save these special moments that are so close to my heart.

Family time is the best time. :)


  1. This looks like such a great family experience!

  2. What a fun wedding!!! Congratulations to your cousin and his bride! :-)

  3. Family weddings are so special--I'm looking forward to all of my cousins starting to get married in a few years. And no wonder your Dad was a little nervous. Officiating is a key role!


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