Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Dayyyy

I’m sure by now everyone has seen this commercial... (If not just watch it, I laugh so hard every. single. time.)

Besides this commercial, here are a few other things making me smile this week.

Ever wonder what it would be like if Disney princesses had Instagram? This mashable article explores that… the comments especially are hilarious!

This post by Nicole had me smiling big time.  Although I don’t have children yet, if I do have a boy one day, I hope to raise him to be a gentleman.  A man that some girl one day will be lucky to call hers. :)  It also made me thankful for my husband, and his parents for raising him to be a Godly man full of compassion and integrity.

Heard Katy Perry’s new song? I am loving it, and the video is entertaining too!

Finally, ever seen this Tumblr?  This photographer takes photographs of strangers in New York and gets a little glimpse of their stories.  I find it fascinating and love spending time reading all the stories he’s collected.


What’s helping you get through this week?


  1. Loved these links + videos! I've never seen that hump day commercial before, but it's so funny--so thanks for the laugh!

    And I love Nicole's blog, that Humans of New York (I'll be reading more of that later today!), and that Katy Perry music video, it's so creative! :)

  2. This is my last week of holidays (I'm a teacher and go back to work Monday after 2 months off), so I am hoping the week draaaaggggss on!

  3. I'm loving Katy's new song!! I get excited every time it comes on the radio, ha!

  4. I've never seen that commercial before. It's hilarious! Also, that princess instagram is awesome! :-)

  5. I am loving Katy Perry's new single. So good. Have you see her documentary, Best of Me? It is really good and made me love her more.

    Also, the Disney princesses Instagram is hilarious. I saw that the other day and loved reading all the comments from other Disney characters. ha

  6. Bhahaha! I love the Disney Princess Insta! Too funny!


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