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IT’S A GIRL! [gender reveal party recap]

evite for gender reveal

As I mentioned last week, I am going to be an aunt!  I am seriously so excited for this little bundle of joy to arrive in January.

I have known for 5 weeks the gender of this baby, but have been keeping in the secret until this last Saturday… when I threw a gender reveal party for the excited parents!

There were a few little snags, yes…but overall it turned out great! And what a relief to finally get this big secret off my chest!  This post is basically just a big photo dump of all the little party details.  I love to read posts like this and see other people’s party ideas… not to mention keep them here for memories. :)


This was a little cake with a big surprise inside, see below! Lucky for me my mom is really talented with cake decorating, so I just told her my idea and she made it happen.  It would not of looked half this good if I decorated it. :)


Pink and blue beverage choices with cute straws, of course!


We thought up these names on the spot… I should have given it a little more thought before hand but these worked.  We came up with quite a few names, but these were the most appropriate for the party. :)


I got these multi-patterned straws from a shop on Etsy called Spiral Sage.  She was really great about working with me on mixing patterns of the same color and for a certain number.


These straws I got on a steal from Groop Dealz.


The happy parents, pre-reveal.



Because the party was in the backyard I didn’t need a whole lot of decoration, but I wanted a few fun details that would show the pink and blue.  These poof balls are super easy to make and they look so fun!  I learned how to make them for a friend’s wedding, but there is a great tutorial from Martha Stewart.


I looked up tons of old wives tales and performed the various tasks on my sister, then recorded the results.  I made this board showing all the results and had people cast their ballot!


Just another fun pink and blue touch.


The winners!


And the losers…


Pink and blue flowers, just to add a fun little pop of color to the tables.


My parents are too cute!  They made these shirts to wear for the party.


Sisters in our pink and blue outfits!


My parents, Zack and I, made this photo booth for our wedding 2 years ago.  Sadly, at the wedding Zack and I only made it to the photobooth once to take a thank-you card photo.  Ever since then we have been waiting for an excuse to bring it out again so we could use it!  This was the perfect opportunity.  I made little mustauche and lip props and encouraged people to take lots of photos in it!


I took full advantage of it.


Some people got creative with it. :)


This is just a small sample of the photos we got.  There are some really funny ones!


The whole gang!


Finally, after we ate it was time for the big reveal. 


Prediction photos… the girl side.


and the boy side…


When they opened the box, both pink and blue balloons flew out and they were pretty confused.  That is exactly what I was going for… my sister is quite the joker, so I took advantage of the situation to play a little joke on her.  In theory the pink and blue balloons were supposed to fly out followed by the big black balloon that would fly out but stop just above their heads.  Unfortunately in the few short hours between when I filled the balloon and the reveal, the balloon decided not to float… So I stepped in a held the balloon up for them and they were given a skewer to pop it.


The balloon was FILLED with tissue paper and glitter.  I was not planning on being under the balloon when it popped so I went to town on the glitter… needless to say, we were all covered!


They were hoping for a girl, in case you can’t tell. :)


Right on cue, as soon as the balloon popped they were shot with pink silly string.  I gave the cans out to a few responsible people ahead of time with the strict instructions to fire only once they knew for sure what the gender was.  It worked perfectly!  I forgot to take pictures of the cans, but I got the idea from this pin… but I covered the white paper with pink and blue question marks.


After the reveal I gave her a little pink Winnie the Pooh onesie and little pink shoes.


Excited parents!


Then it was time for the cake!


Surprise!! Pink M&M’s inside!


At this point in the evening we were all just jazzed.


Excited dad-to-be!


It was such an amazing night and I feel so lucky that they entrusted me with their secret!  I have a special little bond with my future little niece already, I just can’t wait until she is born!


How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

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  1. aww, you all look so happy and excited! I love the idea of a gender reveal party, too cute. *smile* Congrats on being an aunt, i'm sure you will do well in your journey.

    mz E.

  2. Oh my word, how adorable!!! You threw an amazing party! Did the parents not know what the gender was either? That's a really fun way of doing it! :-)

  3. oh my gosh i LOVE this party...and the photo booth?!?! GOODNESS!!!
    You did such a great job! :)
    I want to be at the party ahaha.

  4. Veryy cute. The photo booth is amazing!!!

  5. You are the sweetest sister ever. Hands down. So happy for you! I can't wait to be an aunt someday.

  6. what a fun and thought out baby party!!

  7. Awwwwwwwww I LOVE it! You did a great job with this! Congrats to them! Little girls are so sweet! :)

  8. You did an awesome job with this party! Everything -- from the decorations, to the food, to the highly-anticipated reveal -- made for a really fun-looking event. And what a great way to make use of the photo booth again! Did you repaint it for the party or was that the way it was?

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  10. Love the d photo booth. . The shower came out great. Congrats on being a titi. ;)

  11. Love the d photo booth. . The shower came out great. Congrats on being a titi. ;)

  12. My gender reveal party is the next 2 saturdays... please come over and do this all over again!! :) you did great!!!

  13. I'm interested in what wives tales you used?? I'm interested in doing this


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