Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On friendship. [John 15:12-13]

When we were down visiting Zack’s family this last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a birthday dinner with Zack’s mom and a few of her friends.

I think Zack was probably jealous he wasn’t able to attend, because these ladies are a lot of fun. 

This last dinner I joined really had me thinking about friendship, and it inspired me.

Let me explain…

Karen, my mother-in-law, and 2 of her closest friends have been praying together for years.  It was seriously amazing to hear about their lives and some of the struggles they have overcome. 

We are talking about some really rough things…

Sometimes during difficult patches one can feel like life is dragging them down, but when this happened… they always had the others to lift them back up.

They told me that during some of the hardest times they had been feeling discouraged and defeated, but the other 2 were always there to pray for their friend—even when she was too exhausted mentally and emotionally to pray herself.

It’s normal to have ups and downs in life, God doesn’t promise our journey will be easy… but to have this kind of bond with friends is super encouraging. 

People that can speak truth and wisdom into your life when you need it the most.

It just made me realize how important these kinds of people really are.  Ones that know what you need most… Jesus.  And they will encourage you to seek him wholeheartedly, even when that may be difficult.

john 15 12

I have been so blessed to be able to spend quality time with these wise women… I can only hope one day some of their wisdom will rub off on me. :)


  1. I think friends like that are so valuable but so hard to find! I don't know if I truly have women like that in my life but I am actively praying for God to bring them!

  2. Sounds like a great group of women! I have been so blessed recently to have found friends who I ask to pray for me. It feels amazing to know that I am not doing life alone!!

  3. So sweet that you posted this. And to think we prayed for Zack's spouse before we ever even knew you. How blessed we are to have you in our lives. Love you.

  4. What a blessing those friends are for your mother-in-law! I love that! I had a group of friends like that in college. I was so sad when we all moved away from each other. I just started a weekly prayer group with some of my Memphis friends a couple of months ago and it's been great already!

  5. It's so true!!! My grandma has a group of friends we call "the grannies" and they were all at my mom's baby shower when she was pregnant w/ me, they were around while I was growing up, they were at my wedding and baby showers ~ what an amazing gift those women have been to my grandma!!! The friends we have can make such a difference in our lives in so many ways!


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