Monday, August 12, 2013

Zoo Day

Going back to check in on my Summer Bucket List, I’ve realized that summer is almost over… and we have not done much off of our list!

As I look at the list of things I had hoped to accomplish this summer I realize that I was not realistic in some aspects… Summer is the busiest time at work for Zack and I, so that has taken over majority of our life. 

…and you know what, that’s ok.

We have plenty of time come September to take beach trips and have lazy river days.  Sure, the weather won’t be as nice…but that’s never stopped us before. :)

One of the things on our bucket list that we have accomplished though is a trip to the zoo.  I had been to the Oregon Zoo plenty of times growing up, I even spent the night there once for Girl Scouts.  They were good memories, yes… but I never really remember ever seeing animals.

Since those days they have done some major remodeling, and I’ve heard that things had changed for the better.

I decided I wanted to make some new zoo memories with my husband.  We went in with low expectations… and we were pleasantly surprised.  We had the best day!


These polar bears were massive.  We went back to look at them 3 times because they were pretty active and would come right up to the glass.


You can’t really see, but the baby elephant was in the background here.  She was the cutest…probably one of my favorite parts!  (And eating an elephant ear…but that’s unrelated. :)


This lion was fulfilling every stereotype we knew about lions.  Just so huge and majestic perched up on a big rock.  We may or may not have sang the Lion King song while we were standing there… you know the one.


I love giraffes.  Not as much as I love hippos…but they are much more photogenic.


Lazy bear.


A very successful day at the zoo. :)

When was the last time you went to the zoo?  What is your favorite animal to see there?


  1. So fun. I love that you have a summer bucket list. That's something my husband and I need to implement!

  2. My kids and I love the zoo! We have an annual pass and visit our local zoo frequently. The best (and worst) part is that we always see the same animals in the same order. Fortunately, we have a great zoo!!

  3. Pretty pictures! I like seeing the tiger at our zoo, but he or she hides a lot.

  4. I love the Oregon zoo! My little sisters are going to be in town this weekend so Nate and I are thinking about taking them there. :-)

  5. A trip to the zoo sounds like a lot of fun! I think the last time I went was back in elementary school for a field trip or something--or maybe with my family? Either way, it's been way too long since I've been there! :)

  6. I LOVE the zoo! One year on the 4th of July a couple friends and I went to the zoo before watching fireworks that night. It was great. I love pretty much all the animals, but elephants, giraffes, and lions are my favorites.

    Also, as soon as you said lion, I started singing that song out loud. ha And it cracks me up that the bear is covering his eyes, when we could just scoot down into the shade! Silly animals.

  7. I think it was about a year ago last time we went to a zoo. There's one very close to where we live, but everyone says bad things about it, that it's really lame, so we only go when we're on vacation to somewhere new. It's fun to see the different focuses and different specialties that each zoo has!


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