Monday, September 16, 2013

a letter to my best friend [blogtember challenge]


letter to my best friend

Dear Best Friend of Mine,

Some days (most days) I wish we weren’t 1,931 miles away from each other.

I wish that instead of 27 hours by car, we could be reunited in 27 seconds. (I would even settle for 27 minutes.)

If I could walk to Tulsa it would only be 1,841 miles away, but it would take 605 hours… so that probably won’t work.  Anything over 600 would just be ridiculous.

So instead of throwing myself a pity party because I can’t really chat with you face to face, I will pretend.  We both know I have a vivid imagination…so humor me for a minute. :)

If we were at coffee right now, I would be sipping on my iced Americano… probably with a little almond milk if they had it, and more than likely with some sort of flavor in it.  You would sip on your black coffee because you’re way more mature than me…and we would chat.

We would both be giddy just to be in each others' presence, and we would both be bursting with things to tell each other…but I would go first—because it’s my pretend coffee date.

I start by telling you all about my weekend and the amazing couple of days I had with my family, I would tell you how extremely blessed I feel to be a part of not only one supportive loving family of my own, but that I married into another just as great one too.

I would detail our adventures exploring the San Juan islands, and romanticize about our 3 nights sleeping on a docked boat.  We would be giddy together, because that’s what we do—we’re best friends.

I would stick to surface things, because that’s how I roll, but before too long you would dive right in and crack my exterior shell.  You always know how to get me to spill my heart, something I both love and appreciate—it’s not a part of myself I easily show.

I would tell you all my deepest worries and concerns and as usual, you would encourage and speak truth to me—even if that’s not always what I want to hear.  You would promise to pray for me—always, and just knowing that makes me feel a little better.

Then of course we would move into your life, which of course I can never predict.  You’re spontaneous and full of life, something in you that I admire greatly… I love to hear all about your random adventures and spiritual lessons.  I listen intently as you tell me stories of your Young Life kids and the relationships you’ve built with them, then about the kids you work with—there’s probably a few great stories in there that I will continue to quote for years to come… (“Poke.”)

And then we would reminisce.  With 13+ years of memories we can always find something to make us laugh until we cry.  Like the time we acted out Silly Sally in front of our whole class.  Or the time had a cake ball fight in our cozy little kitchen.  Or the time you literally pushed me up the hill to OHSU multiple times during the Amazing Race…

At this point we are probably starting to get strange looks from people around us, which we are used to… but we quiet down anyways.

Then we would probably speak of difficult times in our past, ones where we weren’t the smartest of girls…but through those struggles not only did we learn a lot—but we leaned on each other and grew closer to God.  Those times aren’t fun to talk about—but they help us appreciate where we are today, and how far we have come. :)

When it’s time to say goodbye we will hug and do our secret handshakes, (because all true best friends have secret handshakes) and then we will probably think of one more thing to tell the other.  We will continue this sequence a few times until one of us looks at a clock and realize we had to be somewhere 10 minutes ago!  (Let’s be honest, it’s me and I’m late for work.  Again.)  We will say our final goodbye and I’ll sprint out the door before we can think of something else to talk about…

As I’m driving away I will smile and think of how lucky I am to have a best friend that just “gets me” like you do.  My anam cara…friend of my soul.  Then I will notice that my phone is ringing… it’s you.  One more thing you forgot to tell me.

Typical BB. :)


Hope that virtual coffee date was good enough to last us until we are reunited…I will be counting down the days!






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  1. What would we do without best friends? They are the greatest!!!

    Win a pair of baby moccs!

  2. people who drink black coffee - man i respect them! haha i actually drank black coffee (ok i added SOME sugar) the other day out of necessity...but man i like at least some cream in it!
    having your best friend live so far apart - it sucks.
    Are y'all able to skype/face-time/etc? that has saved me from many break downs when i wanted to chat face to face with one of my girlfriends.

  3. Aww so sweet! Sorry you guys live so far apart! We live far far away from all of our best friends in college and it's sad to not see them all the time anymore.


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