Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrating Baby Addison [a baby shower brunch]

For the past few days I have been spending most of my time at the hospital visiting my cousin and her new little bundle of joy!

baby addison 2

We camped out and waited to meet this little beauty!  I brought pink bubble gum cigars for the group, and someone else brought “It’s a Girl!” buttons… we celebrated in style.


She was definitely worth the wait…

IMG_0797baby addison

To say I am obsessed would be an understatement… I just love her so much already!


Rewind to 11 days before baby Addison was born, I helped throw a wonderful baby shower brunch for the mother to be!

Because I love looking at party ideas, I wanted to document some of the ideas we used (most of the ideas via Pinterest of course! :)  Unfortunately my camera died as I was documenting, but I managed to capture some of our highlights…

brunch baby shower invitation

This was our invitation that I designed.  I found the fun fonts on (especially fond of the donut font found here.)  I individually placed each one of those little sprinkles, it was a labor of love.


Instead of a traditional guestbook we went with this idea.  Guests wrote a message on a small pink balloon, after the shower I  pasted all the balloons inside the frame.  It looked like this one when finished.


For drinks we had coffee (regular and decaf) and orange juice.


This decoration was spur of the moment.  We had bought the jammies as a gift, but my cousin decided to stuff it with balloons and make a baby out of it for our table!


This fruit baby was our pride and joy.  We were seriously excited about it turned out!  My cousin and sister slaved over this baby while I worked on favors, I was impressed with their fruit carving skills. :)


Our donut kabobs were a huge hit!


Flower poofs are my favorite.  (If you couldn’t tell from this post.)


My cousin made this chalkboard and we love the quote from this book.  (The coloration is a little off because of the red wall—but it fit our coral and green color scheme. Promise.)


In addition to the donut kabobs and fruit baby, we had mini pancakes, mini waffles, and mini quiches. (Vegetarian and ones with bacon too—unpictured.)  We also had mini syrup cups to go with them.  Finally we had yogurt and granola…again unpictured (dang camera battery!)  The food was definitely the highlight of the shower, everyone loved it…and we loved that it was original!


We couldn’t believe it when we stumbled upon these cute little plates at Dollar Tree.


Finally, for our favors we made these little chocolates!  It’s just melted white chocolate bark with pretzel sticks and a yellow Reese’s Pieces.  Fit our brunch theme perfectly!  All night before the shower we were trying to think of a clever pun to use with these… finally, the morning of the shower while I was in the shower (ha!) it came to me!  We thought it was clever.  Some other ideas that we ruled out… “Thanks an omelet” and “Eggs for coming.”  We were cracking ourselves up.

As far as games went, we kept it simple and just chose 2.  The first one was the Mom or Dad game.  We made mustaches and lips on popsicle sticks for everybody.  We had collected facts about the mom and dad, and the guests had to decide after we read them off—who it was!  (See here.)  The game was great in theory, but everyone just seemed to watched grandma for all the answers.  It was still fun though.

The second game we played was gift Bingo.  This actually worked out so well because people sometimes tend to get bored while opening gifts and the game kept them connected and attentive to the presents.  Before we started they filled out a blank board with what gifts they thought the mother would receive.  Then as she opened the presents they would mark them off on their board.  I highly recommend this game!

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Overall, the shower was a success, it was so great to celebrate baby Addison and her mom Jennifer!  The brunch theme was unique…and it was a hit! 

What were some highlights of baby showers you’ve attended?


  1. You did a fantastic job! That fruit baby is awesome!

  2. So cute! You used so many unique ideas that I have never seen before. My favorite is the balloons with the messages...I pinned it just in case I ever find myself throwing a baby shower!

  3. She is perfect! Just love meeting newborns! :) And the shower looks absolutely perfect! I actually bought those exact same plates for a baby shower I hosted for the friend who just had her baby last week! :) Great taste! ;)


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