Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Wish List [blogtember day 11]

With fall just around the corner and pumpkin popping up earlier than ever, thoughts of incredibly chunky scarves and tall boots have been swirling through my mind on a continuous loop.

It just so happens that today's Blogtember prompt is: “Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.”

I will put my own spin on it and instead tell you about my wish list for this fall…

FashionABLE scarf—Etanesh style in white & safari grey color: find it here

Not only is FashionABLE an amazingggg company, I love the looks of this cozy white scarf.  Also great for winter! :)

Converse® One Star® Women's Cocoon Sweater—Gray: find it here

This sweater looks super cozy and cute.  Perfect for those days outside when it’s chilly but sunny too.

Xhilaration® Juniors Belted High Low Maxi Dress—Heather Grey: find it here

I love this dress because it could be dressed up or dressed down.  I think it would be super cute with some tall brown boots or short booties.  Available in 3 colors.

Women's Merona® Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot—Black: find it here

Target should probably just sponsor me… I’m their biggest fan.  I have loved these booties for awhile now, but haven’t purchased any…yet. (They are on sale now though!)

Collection cashmere getaway hoodie—Color, Heather Cabernet: find it here

This hoodie is seriously out of my price range, but I would settle for a non-cashmere hoodie of this same style. :)  Love the dark color, very fall-ish.

Printed belt—leopard print: find it here

I don’t normally love leopard print, but lately I think a little pop of it is super cute!  I could not pull off a leopard print shirt, but a belt I can do.

Noonday Collection Jade Cuff: find it here

Literally any jewelry from the Noonday Collection I LOVE.  But I think this color is very fall-ish and I love the pattern on it.


I could go on and on with various fall items I am longing for, but I will stop here for now.  Can’t wait to head to the pumpkin patches and sip hot coffees again! :)

What is your favorite fall trend? Any specific items you are hoping to add to your fall collection?


  1. What a great wish list! I love those booties! :-)

  2. Ooh! I am IN LOVE with all of your finds. Target always has the best stuff and Noonday Collection does, too. It makes me want to go shopping now! :)

    p.s. I almost forgot about the scarf! You are so right, it does look super comfy and perfect for fall and winter.

  3. Love the belt! I have one similar and can't wait to add it to my fall wardrobe!!

  4. One of my goals for my closet is to add a FashionABLE scarf. I love them and what they stand for. I will never get tired of adding cardigans, scarves, and fun jackets to my wardrobe. I also really want a peacoat, but that's more winter than anything. For fall, I want to add a pair of boots to the may be way behind the trend, which I usually am, but I still don't have any! :(

  5. Looks like you put a bit of thought into this... :) I really like that cuff!


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