Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wedding Week Day Four [-first look-]

In honor of our second wedding anniversary, each day for the next week or so I will be writing a little tidbit about our big day.  I love re-living all this special moments, so I hope you enjoy reading about it too!


These photos pretty much speak for themselves.  They give me serious butterflies to look at and remember the giddiness of the moment.  We chose to have our first look before the ceremony just for time reasons.  I don’t regret it one bit. :)  Sorry ahead of time for the photodump…

Harrell-Minch 188Harrell-Minch 187Harrell-Minch 234Harrell-Minch 186Harrell-Minch 185Harrell-Minch 175Harrell-Minch 177Harrell-Minch 233Harrell-Minch 183Harrell-Minch 179Harrell-Minch 172

Here are some more couple photos that we took after our first look:

Harrell-Minch 076Harrell-Minch 156Harrell-Minch 167Harrell-Minch 170Harrell-Minch 160Harrell-Minch 168Harrell-Minch 171

In case you missed it here are my previous recaps:
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  1. So precious! You can just feel the love in these pictures. I've loved checking out all your wedding photos so far this week! Makes me that much more excited for my wedding someday ;)

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! You two look so stinking happy! We did a first look too and, like you, I'm super glad we did! :-)

  3. So many great photos! My favorite is the one of you standing in the tree :)

  4. I LOVE that second to last photo!

  5. these are SO adorable! I love love love your dress!

  6. Love love love! The second to last one looks like it belongs in a magazine!

  7. Ah, first look pictures always get me! Not cool to make me cry, ma'm! :)


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