Monday, September 30, 2013

Wedding Week Day Six [-the ceremony-]

In honor of our second wedding anniversary, each day for the next week or so I will be writing a little tidbit about our big day.  I love re-living all this special moments, so I hope you enjoy reading about it too!


The big moment had finally arrived!  At around 5:30pm on Friday, September 30th 2011 I married my best friend. 

Harrell-Minch 222

Zack’s parents

Harrell-Minch 221

My mom & Zack

and then the bridal party

Harrell-Minch 220Harrell-Minch 219Harrell-Minch 218Harrell-Minch 060Harrell-Minch 217Harrell-Minch 216

Then my little Cooper walked down the aisle.

Harrell-Minch 059293935_2548298273319_729649156_nHarrell-Minch 214

He did such a great job!

Then it was my turn!

317160_2548300073364_755368680_nHarrell-Minch 211Losing it…


And then the ceremony began.  I wish I could tell you what was said during the ceremony…but I can’t remember!  One thing I wish we would have done is written our own vows, but at the time we didn’t think we could handle saying them in front of everyone.  Oh well. :)

Harrell-Minch 209

Then it was time for the box sealing.  We wanted to do communion, but our pastor was unable to give communion… so instead we did the box sealing—and while we were over there we had our own little time to pray together.  It was still  very special.


During this time, one of my bridesmaids and her brother sang this song:

313865_2548306833533_1150737529_n314509_2548306513525_418172924_nHarrell-Minch 057

After that we did our rings, and then we were man and wife!

319595_2548308393572_659747280_n294609_2548309353596_568275278_nHarrell-Minch 056

There’s nothing quite like the feeling after you’ve been pronounced man and wife for the very first time.  I think this picture captures the feeling perfectly.  Bliss.


Stay tuned for the reception tomorrow!

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Did you write your own vows?


  1. Aww, love the pictures! You look so happy! And I love the fact that one of your bridesmaids and her brother sang for you!

  2. CHILLS! Oh, I got chills reading about you guys praying after sealing the letters in the box. So precious! So happy for you guys! :)

  3. I love your dress! And I love the idea of doing communion during the ceremony. Sad you guys weren't able to do it, but I love the sealing of the letters in the box. Such a unique thing. And I love unique. haha

  4. So absolutely gorgeous!!! Out of curiosity, why wasn't your pastor able to do communion for you two?

  5. Oh gosh, this is the sweetest!


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