Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Week Day Three [-the details-]

In honor of our second wedding anniversary, each day for the next week or so I will be writing a little tidbit about our big day.  I love re-living all this special moments, so I hope you enjoy reading about it too!


I’ve wrote already about the rehearsal and getting ready, but I wanted to do a post dedicated to most of the little details of our wedding…

Our wedding was held at Postlewait’s in Canby, OR. At the time of our engagement, they had just started opening up their home for weddings.  I found them online and scheduled an appointment immediately. The first visit was in the middle of winter, but I saw the potential and booked it!

Harrell-Minch 053saloon

This little saloon on property was so cute!  The guys got ready in there.  I would have loved to have the bar for the reception be in there, but it was too far away from the barn… if it wasn’t so cold outside at the end of September, we could have had our whole reception out near the saloon.


One project Zack and I helped my parents with before the wedding was our photobooth.  (Also seen here.)  The photobooth was a huge hit with our guests!


Harrell-Minch 052297040_2376038250484_2091451306_n

Sadly, these are the only 2 photos I was able to get in the photobooth… I was a busy bride.

Harrell-Minch 065

As I mentioned before, my wonderful grandma made our ring bearer’s pillow!  I wanted simple and burlap.  She did a great job.

Harrell-Minch 153

I won’t say too much about my bouquet…mainly because it is the one thing that didn’t really turn out the way we planned.  The florist must have thrown away her notes from our meeting or something because the bouquets were 100% different than what we planned… but… that was my “one thing” from the wedding that went wrong.  Everyone has something, and since that was the worst thing—I have no complaints!

Harrell-Minch 223

These flowers, however, turned out perfectly!  We bought a ton of dahlias from a local grower and put them into mason jars which we made ourselves.  (See more here.)  They hung on shepard’s hooks down the aisle, and doubled as centerpieces for the tables.  Harrell-Minch 224

During the ceremony we chose to seal a box.  In the box we each put in a letter we had written, and a bottle of wine.  We opened the box and put in new letters on our first anniversary.  We also drank the wine while sitting on the beach celebrating, it was an amazing memory and I hope we can keep the tradition for many years to come!

Harrell-Minch 236

This picture shows my something borrowed—a strand of pearls from my mom.  My something old was a pair of shoes that I wore, my mom actually wore them at her wedding.  I wish I had a picture, but they are just wedge sandals, super cute—and very comfy!  My something new was my dress and earrings (a gift from Zack’s mom) and bracelets (gift from my sister) and everything else. :)  And something blue my garter! 

Harrell-Minch 237

Do you guys know how expensive veils are?!  It’s pretty ridiculous.  I decided I didn’t want a veil that badly, but my mom thought I should have one for the ceremony.  She made this veil for about $10, and it worked great!

Harrell-Minch 243

While I was looking for a cheap veil I wandered into this amazing bridal shop called Adorned in Grace.  If you are in Oregon I highly recommend it.  All proceeds go to raise awareness and provide support and safe shelter for victims of human trafficking.  I did not find a veil, but I found this flower for my hair.  I hadn’t even really planned on having a flower, but I saw it and fell in love! 

For our guestbook I wanted to do something fun and less traditional.  I had seen these guestbook trees before and thought it was such a fun idea!  My mom painted the tree, and at the wedding we had purple and green ink pads for the guests to “leaf” their mark.  Sorry for the blurry picture, I promise it looks better in person.  As you can see, a younger guest was left unsupervised and left handprints towards the bottom… it adds character. :)  We have the tree framed and hanging in our house, it’s so fun to find names and read the little messages.

Harrell-Minch 041

Let’s talk about my mom for a second.  She is amazing.  Not only did she help plan and prepare the entire wedding, paint our guestbook tree and do everything else…she made our cake!  I did not have a preference as to what I wanted it to look like so I let her do whatever, and I was so happy with the final outcome!  It was funfetti cake (our favorite) and it was SO delicious.  Plus it looked beautiful too!

I somehow do not have pictures of our tables, but on each table we had the mason jar vase (above,) 2 of these floating candle jars, and for the table numbers we had a photo frame with a special picture.  For each table name we chose a place that was significant to our relationship.  Here are some of my favorites:

table pic 1

Peacock Lane—a street that gets decked out in Christmas Lights every year.  Where Zack was planning on proposing…

table pic 6

Random house down the street from Peacock Lane… where Zack actually proposed. :)

table pic 3

The Bye and Bye—a little bar where we went after we got engaged to celebrate with friends.

table pic 7

Starbucks—This particular Starbucks was one we frequented while we were dating.

table pic 8

My parents’ porch swing—Where I first told Zack I loved him.


Stay tuned, tomorrow for our first look photos!


  1. I am loving these posts! It's always fun to find cute ideas for my way-future wedding. :) I am in love with your wedding guest book (even those stray fingerprints are cute--like leaves in the fall!). I also love how you added so many personal touches and handmade details to the wedding--your mom sure is talented! :)

  2. Again beautiful day!! I hear you on the bouquet my wedding bouquet and the flowers for my wedding party were all wrong. The florist told me the day of the wedding that the items I wanted were out of season. Our wedding cake was also leaning but over all it was a perfect day. Your day looks amazing just going through the memories with you is really fun.

  3. I love wedding details, especially when they are specific to the couple. That's a lot of fun! :)

  4. Your wedding looks like it was wonderful!!! I love the rustic theme! :-)

  5. Your flowers were beautiful! And the photo fun!

  6. That "guest book" idea is great. So much better than the traditional. Beautiful dress!!

  7. I love the writing a letter idea, and adding to it each year. The box for your letters is lovely. :)

  8. Aww these details are all so great! Sorry your bouquet didn't turn out like planned. It was the wedding cake for us (it was supposed to be square and it was round instead). The photobooth is an especially fun idea! And thanks for the link to Adorned in Grace. I love the idea behind it and where their proceeds go! I will definitely be checking it out and passing it on!


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