Friday, October 18, 2013

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas [and my etsy finds]

If you’re checking back to see the answer to Wednesday’s post—scroll to the bottom and see! :)

You guys, it’s finally here!!!! Today is the day Zack and I embark on our top secret anniversary getaway!  Although I can’t spill the beans quite yet (soon, promise!) what I can divulge to you is what I purchased for a gift!

As you saw previously, I love to try and stick partly with the traditional wedding anniversary gift themes.  I think it’s fun, and it gets my creative juices flowing…

So for year 2 of marriage, the theme is cotton.  Honestly, this was not my favorite…and I was a tiny bit disappointed with what I ended up with.  Definitely not as creative as last year’s.

2nd wedding anniversary gift idea

That’s right folks, I’m officially an adult because I gave my husband towels!  I bought the towels and took them to a little mall kiosk to get embroidered.  I stood in line with all the high school boys getting their baseball hats embroidered and felt really mature when I whipped out my towels for personalization. 

Maybe I should be embarrassed by how excited I got after these had our names on them?  But I’m not, because turns out Zack was pretty excited too.  He loved them!  We are just two peas in a pod huh?

Turns out I’m not the only one who stuck with the theme this year, guess what Zack bought me?

New sheets.

Yep, don’t be fooled… this is only our 2nd anniversary not our 80th. :)

In case towels aren’t your thing, here are some other amazing ideas I found on Etsy that fit the traditional cotton theme:

second anniversary gift ideas

-one- This funny t-shirt by IceCreamTees is one I seriously considered purchasing for Zack.  I think it’s hilarious and know that he would too!

-two- This vintage map embroidered hoop by HouseOfWhatnot is SO cute!  I would love to get one to hang in my house.

-three- This personalized ABC pillow by JolieMarche is my favorite out of all the cotton pillows I considered purchasing.  This was my second choice for gifts, but I know that I would appreciate it more than Zack…he doesn’t seem to understand the point of throw pillows, but I love them!

-four- This embroidered tie square by merriweathercouncil would be the perfect sentimental touch for your man’s work attire.  Zack is not so much a tie wearer so it wasn’t ideal for him, but if your husband has to look professional for work I think adding a cute message to a tie like this is perfect!

-five- This is an idea I thought was really clever and also almost did myself… instead of a common cotton gift, why not give a cotton scented candle?  You could probably even personalize the label with a picture or wedding date to make it unique!  This one, by StinksCandles is very affordable, and I love the classic look of it.


What gift did you give/get for your 2nd anniversary?

***And the answer to Wednesday’s two truths and a lie post?  Number one!  I have dyed my hair once.  A long long time ago my cousin added some blonde streaks to my already blonde hair.  You really could not even tell… so from then on I decided it was not worth the hassle. :)  So that means I have never had the chicken pox (despite my mother driving me to every infected kid’s house in the neighborhood in hopes of me getting them…) and I indeed can stand on my head for unlimited amounts of time.


  1. I like those towels! How fun to have some with your names on them!!! :-D

  2. Wow! Those are some cute gifts! I love them all and they are so creative! I love what you got though! That is so much fun! It must never tire seeing your "new" name. :)

  3. When I get married (why is he taking so long to ask?!) I plan to do the traditional gifts as well. They're so much fun! :) Congrats again!


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