Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2nd Anniversary Trip [Skamania Lodge]

We are baaaaaack!

I didn’t intend for the suspense to be drawn out this long, but I got a little cold after our trip and didn’t feel like doing much of anything!  Hopefully I didn’t build it up too much…

On Friday, we started our anniversary weekend by getting coffee from a little coffee shop near our house, then we were off!  


We drove to a great little place—McMenamins Edgefield, where we wandered around the beautiful grounds and I gave him this:


In this envelope was a coupon book from Datevitation.  I had won a free book a few months ago through another blog and the company was so great about letting me save it for our anniversary!


He was very surprised.  While we were there I asked him if he wanted to redeem one of his coupons right then—a massage!


If you are in the area I seriously recommend Ruby’s Spa.  Not only was the massage great, but afterwards we were able to soak in the soaking pool.  It was really relaxing and the perfect start to our trip!

After our time in the soaking pool we ate lunch at one of the Edgefield restaurants, and then we were ready to head to our next destination…


We crossed the Bridge of the Gods into Washington…


And ended up at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington!  You guys, this place in unreal.  We had awesome weather—the views were absolutely amazing!


We got there later in the evening, just in time for some wine samples and to watch the moon come out!  We had an appetizer at the bar with our wine, then called it a night. We had a full day ahead of us…

Saturday morning we ordered room service breakfast early, and then we were off on our big adventure… zip lining!


These are the only pictures we got from our zip lining adventure—but we both had so much fun and highly recommend it!  There were 7 zip lines that varied in length and height.  One of our guides gave us a challenge for each zip…Zack and I tried them all.  For one we spun, one we went upside-down, etc.  It was super scary at first, but I figured I had to go big or go home. :)


After zip lining we grabbed some lunch and hung around the hotel.  There are lots of things to do… trails to hike, bikes to ride, games to play.  It was definitely a romantic getaway for us, but it was a family friendly atmosphere as well.  I would love to go back with our future family one day! 

We had late dinner reservations so we grabbed a late afternoon snack and coffee.  We enjoyed them outside in the sunshine while we played some card games. :)


Later in the night we head back to the room to get ready for dinner.  Once we were all ready we grabbed our anniversary box and head outside.  Inside the box we have a bottle of wine (which we replace each year) and our letters to each other from the year before.  (We started this tradition at our wedding, see more here.)


Using the flashlights on our cell phones (and the moonlight) we read our letters to each other and sipped on our wine.  It was such a special moment—and we are both so happy to have this tradition!

Dinner was delicious—but unfortunately that’s when I started feeling a bit under the weather so there’s no pictures from the rest of the night.


The next day we attempted to sleep in, and then took one last stroll outside before we were on our way.  We went back to the area we read our letters the night before to snap a few pictures. :)


We were sad to be leaving, but I did not feel well at all and I was semi-ok with getting home to my own bed to rest.

We stopped at a little restaurant on our way home that a few friends had told us about.  They are known for their ice cream…and we saw why!


Can you believe that?!  We didn’t have ice cream, just some lunch…but I will be back one day. :)

One last stop on our way home… Multnomah Falls!  I have lived in Oregon my whole life and can’t really remember ever going here.  Zack had only been once that he remembered, so we knew we had to stop!


It was so beautiful!  I would love to hike to the top one day, but that was not about to happen when I was sick… we will be back!

…and just like that it was all over. :(  After all the anticipation and secret keeping, I was relieved!

We had such an amazing trip, it was exactly what we needed for our anniversary.  We both felt like it was the best quality time we have had in awhile.  Yes we live and work together, but we realized we don’t take enough time away for ourselves, and away from distractions to just talk and connect… it’s something we want to work on for year 3. :)


So, how are you? How was your weekend?


  1. Aw, what a fun anniversary trip! Those views at Skamania Lodge are stunning and it looks like it was a great time for you two to spend together!

    And can I just say that your leggings(?) are adorable and that that ice cream cone is huge? When I saw it, I instantly thought of the brain freeze I would get from it. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this looks like such a fun anniversary! Congrats, btw!! Also, I noticed you are totally rocking the patterned leggings ;) Awesome!

  3. It looks like a WONDERFUL time! Happy 2nd anniversary! Also, that icecream cone... CRAZY!

  4. What a fun weekend!!! You've given me tons of ideas for a getaway with Nate! Where on earth is that ice cream place??? I NEED to go there! :-)

  5. This sounds like the perfect trip!!

    That ice cream...unbelievable.

  6. oh you two are so cute!! Sounds like you guys had a blast - and the letter thing!! So lovely!

  7. Wow, this looks like so much fun. Such gorgeous views!


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