Monday, October 7, 2013

First Anniversary Gift Ideas [and my Etsy finds]

Although our 2nd wedding anniversary was September 30th, we are not technically celebrating it until later this month… so we have yet to exchange presents.

On the 30th we spent a fall-filled day at the corn maze and pumpkin patch.  It was a ton of fun, I will fill you in with the details later—promise!  But that’s not the real celebration.

When we got married we decided to alternate years of planning our anniversary.  Our first anniversary Zack planned a weekend at the beach.  We had a lot of fun and spent one romantic evening on the beach with the sunset and a bottle of wine opening our letters that we sealed in our wedding box.

Well, this year is my year to plan and I’ve got some big surprises in store. ;) That’s all I will say about that.

Anyways—for our first anniversary I decided that I wanted to stick with the traditional wedding gift theme.  Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, I wanted to get him something paper, but put my own creative twist on it.


Every day of our honeymoon, Zack and I sat on our little lanai and drank our coffee and played cards.  It was a little morning ritual that we really enjoyed.  Since then we occasionally like to play a card game together—especially on our own little deck at home when it’s sunny.  I knew that playing cards would be a great paper gift that he would really enjoy!  I went to Make Playing Cards to create my own personalized set.  There are a ton of amazing ways to customize your deck, and it’s super affordable!


I included a variety of photos from our life past and present.  It’s so fun to play with these cards and remember where you were during each picture!


In addition to the pictures, I wrote the lyrics to our first dance song on the tops of the cards.  Just a little extra sentimental touch.  It’s almost impossible to play a card game now without getting the song stuck in your head.  We like to sing the line as we play the card—it puts an interesting twist on the game. :)


The second gift I gave him was this photo to hang in our home.  The tree contains lyrics from our first dance song.  I just covered a paper in the lyrics and cut the tree out of it.  Then I hung the hearts from the tree.

He loved both presents a lot, and I loved sticking to the traditional gifts.

Here are some more clever paper gift ideas that I found on Etsy and loved!

first anniversary gift ideas

-one- This Love Story print from laceyfields is so cute!  It says under the dates, “he stole her heart” “and popped the question” “she stole his name.”

-two- This save the date book art by LucianoFrigerio is so unique!  It would be a great addition to any home, a real conversation piece.

-three- This Jar of Hearts by Rychei is something I will keep in mind for a future gift! You write on the slips reasons why you love your spouse and then fold them into little hearts to put in the bottle!

-four- This Love of my Life Journal by JournalingJane is a great idea when you want to be creative… for all you writers out there I think this would be perfect to fill the pages with cute little notes, poems, pictures and doodles dedicated to your husband.

-five- This lobster card by RockCandieDesigns is perfect for Zack and I…and any of your Friends lovers out there! 

-six- This coupon book by PurpleTomatoDesign is the perfect gift when you can’t decide on just one thing to give.  I love the simple design too!


I will be sure to share with you what I thought up for our second anniversary soon!

Do you give the traditional wedding gifts?  What did you give/get for your first anniversary?


  1. The gifts you gave him were so cute!!! I can't wait to see what you came up with for this year! :-)

  2. That is such a cute idea! My 9 year anniversary is tomorrow and we are going out to dinner and I'm looking to getting dressed up and being with him alone:) Happy anniversary to YOU!

  3. oooOOo thanks for the ideas. I've ordered something similar to 1 on the image list. Our 1st anniversary is the end of this month BUT i like the little coupon idea for something for me to really personally do....awesome thanks!!!! Happy Anniversary Its so fun to relive such a gorgeous day

  4. I've gone with the traditional gift every year so far and i just just his 3rd anniversary gift. Obviously it's not necessary, but it's fun for me to be creative with it. I bought us a journal to share for the first year's gift.

  5. I'm getting married in January and one of my friends recently showed me some photos on wood and they looked fabulous. I'm going to get one for us on our anniversary.

  6. Great ideas! I'm happy to find many good points here in your post. Writing is simply great! Thank you for the post.

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