Monday, November 25, 2013

November Swap Feature

As you might remember, I recently introduced the idea of having 5 lovely bloggers featured on the sidebar of my blog.  I truly feel like these buttons are a great way to connect with other bloggers, and I have loved getting to know these girls.

If you’re interested in swapping buttons with me please visit this page to read what this entails and then email me!

Now I want to introduce you to these lovely ladies, I follow each of their blogs via Bloglovin’ and have loved getting to know them this past month… if you don’t read their blogs already I highly suggest that you do ASAP!

Here’s a little snippet about each of them, and their answer to my November question:

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?




Britney from Mint Chocolate Chip Moments

About Britney: A woman after God's own heart, I'm striving to live as the godly woman that He wants me to be. My blog consists of what God is doing in my life and what He's in the process of teaching me. My prayer is that this blog will be a place where you will find encouragement.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: My favorite thanksgiving tradition is: dinner, and family time. Also the pumpkin pie, it's my favorite!

elle alice

Elle Alice from
{beautiful hope}

About Elle Alice: I'm Elena, but I've grown endeared to my pen-name, Elle Alice. I want my blog to be a song of thanks for all Jesus has done for me. Here are my thoughts, adventures, and things that inspire me.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Our family usually does most of the Thanksgiving cooking the day before (Thanksgiving Eve?) so we can actually enjoy and relax on Thanksgiving Day, so I always enjoy Wednesday's "storm before the calm" which consists of three sisters, a mom, and a grandma all baking, cooking, and setting up a myriad of yummy creations in my mom's kitchen. The other fun part about the cooking is that Thanksgiving Eve marks the official day we are allowed to listen to Christmas music in the house (though I often cheat when I am in my car or in my own apartment), so we bump up the tunes while getting the meal ready.



Julie from
An Anchor for the Soul

About Julie: I'm Julie, a follower of Jesus with a heart changed by grace. I love laughter, baking, big cups of hot chocolate, my main squeeze Matt, and simplicity. On my blog you'll read about my faith, adventures, and all the little things in life.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: I'm so excited to be on sweet Angela's blog today talking about favorite Thanksgiving traditions! My favorite thing is most definitely the food. Boring, I know. For me, there's nothing better than coming together with family and loved ones and chatting and feasting on a delicious meal until everyone's stomachs (and hearts!) are full. My mom is an amazing cook, so it's always guaranteed to be a tasty meal, and we love to get to bake together for the occasion! We both have a bit of an obsession with finding dessert recipes and baking together, so it's an excuse to get to do that, too! It's just such a sweet, fun, and relaxing day for me overall. Plus, it means we're one holiday closer to Christmas – my favorite!




Katie from Hope Engaged

About Katie: Hello there, I'm Katie! A few years ago, my handsome husband Kevin and I began to ask ourselves if our marriage was making the world a lovelier place. This led us to move into an immigrant neighborhood in our native Orange County and open our home and hearts to the families there. It changed our lives. This past year, we were asked to move to Nepal to work at an aftercare home for girls rescued out of sex trafficking. It was an incredible experience to serve together with my best friend (a few thoughts on marriage here), and was equally amazing to watch God use my husband to redeem the view of men for the girls in the home! We just recently got back! Mostly, I'm just a girl that loves Jesus, people, and a good adventure (like the time we almost died)!

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: I love thanksgiving! It might just be my favorite holiday! I have a big family, and every year my parents host about 30 people at their house! My mom decorates so beautifully with Fall colors. In the morning we all do the annual "run for food" through our local park to raise money for the homeless shelter in town, and then when everyone comes over to our house we have a huge football game in our backyard, it's hilarious! At dinner we all go around and say what we are thankful for and that is so special. We end the night with pie and games. Such a special evening!!

susannahSusannah from
Simple Moments Stick

About Susannah: Hi there! I'm Susannah and I blog at Simple Moments Stick. I'm a newlywed, living with my handsome hubby in Portland, Oregon. (Do you live nearby? I'd LOVE to meet you IRL!) Nate and I have been married about two and a half years but I definitely still give us newlywed status. Maybe we'll always be newlyweds... Currently Nate’s attending seminary here in Portland studying to be a pastor. Yep, I’m a future pastor’s wife and I love it! Simple Moments Stick is a place where I share all aspects of my life. One day you I might talk about my family, another day I might talk about my faith, and a third day I might flaunt how awesome my husband is. (Although, he thinks that should be ALL I blog about) My heart behind my blog is to connect with other women around the country (and world!) to love on and encourage one another.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: I don't have just one favorite Thanksgiving traditions.  Everything about Thanksgiving is wonderful to me.  I love watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating yummy food, and NOT watching football (much to my brothers' chagrin) - but mostly, I just love spending time with my family.  I have eleven brothers and sisters (many of whom are married and one of whom has three kiddos) living all over America so all (or most) of us being able to be under one roof, enjoying our time together is a blessing.  Yes, Thanksgiving is hectic with up to 21 people in the house but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Your turn—what’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Mine is just all the family time.  Thanksgiving is such a special time where everyone can come together and really focus on what we’re thankful for—each other!  Whether we are with Zack’s side or mine, it’s always a great time… and all the delicious food is a close second! :)


  1. i already love susannah's blog, but looks like i have some other reading to do - the girls sound so lovely :)

  2. I love all the same things about Thanksgiving that you do too! Macy's parade, the food, not watching football, but mostly family! :)


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