Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas at the Harrell House

Christmas last year was a stressful time for us.  We just moved into our new home and had barely started unpacking.  I desperately wanted to decorate for Christmas and start collecting new “permanent” decorations for our home since we are staying put for awhile… but it just didn’t happen!

This year, I had the same plan…only it was a lot easier, and less stressful, without our house filled with (as many) boxes. :) Ideally I’d love to go out and buy a house full of new decorations…but that’s not exactly in our budget, so I stuck to some cheap Target finds and some simple DIY projects.  We hope to shop the after Christmas discounts this year to find more!

So, without further ado, here are the decorations in our cozy little home…

If I learned anything from this post it is that I’m not the greatest photographer!  My apologies for the lack of skill in that area… it’s harder than it looks! :)


This is our tree.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s post about our tree cutting adventures yet, click here.  Go ahead, I’ll wait. :)


Perched on top of our tree is Dolores Figgy-Pudding Harrell, our angel and my personal pride and joy.  You see, when it comes to tree toppers I have high standards.  For the past 2 years we haven’t had a tree topper because I had yet to find one that I loved.  I love the angel on my parents’ tree from my childhood…

1467408_699343782943_2008759780_n(This is us this year putting said angel on my parents’ tree.)

So basically, when I stumbled across this angel (Dolores) at Target, I fell in love.  Zack thinks she’s ugly, but since it’s the only one I have semi-liked in 2 years of searching, he gave in. :)

Last year Zack surprised me and picked out an ornament for each of us, so this year I decided to do the same!


This is the ornament I picked for Zack…


And here’s the one I bought for myself. :)

Here are a couple more ornaments that are special to us…


We bought this one on our first anniversary at the beach.


And this is the ornament I made out of scraps from our wedding invitation.  (Also seen here.)


This Cinderella ornament was given to us at our wedding.  It plays “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”


Here’s our fireplace. :)


On the fireplace ledge we have this set of candlesticks.  We just added some beaded garland to make it a bit more festive.


Up on top are our Foldable Mes.  I made “us” last year as a little stocking stuffer for Zack.  You design yourself and it comes flat in the mail for you to assemble.  Zack loved putting us together, and I think they are so cute up on our mantle year round.

Zack and I will occasionally make them do funny things and see how long it takes for the other to notice.  Some of their adventures include doing handstands, and bungee jumping… We have also found that whenever we have guests they enjoy moving the “Me’s” around too!  This Christmas display was actually made by my cousin Jessie, we were so surprised when we came home to find them!  She is just the best, this is one of many reasons why. :)


I made this Let it Snow banner out of a burlap table runner from our wedding.  I just cut the triangles, painted them, and hung them on Christmas ribbon.


I was very pleased with how it came out!


This is my stocking.  Everyone in my family have these handmade stockings from my great aunt Jan.  She made mine, my sister’s, my mom’s, and all my mom’s siblings and their kids’ too!  My mom made a matching one for my dad when they got married…IMG_0580

And I made one for Zack the Christmas we got engaged! :)  Our stockings are very special to our families and I can’t wait to make them for our own kids one day.  IMG_0589

Just to add a little Christmas cheer to the TV I added some gold beaded garland to the TV stand.  Don’t mind the Chelsea game on in the background… it’s always on at our place. :)IMG_0587IMG_0592IMG_0607

Next to the TV is this lamp with shelves.  Once again I just added a little beaded garland to the bowls to spice them up a little.  During the rest of the year they sometimes have coffee beans in them instead for decoration. (And they smell good!)


Just a couple little Christmas knicknacks…and more beaded garland. :)


On a little side table we have a collection of Christmasy things.


This is Seamus.  (We like to name things in our house, can you tell?)  Zack’s mom gave him to us this year—isn’t he just the cutest?!  You may have spotted him before on my Instagram.


I love Christmas scented candles!!  We actually have them out most of the year… I just love the cozy smell of cinnamon, apples, and all things Christmas. :)


I love having a candy dish out—it just makes me feel like an adult… and the Christmas M&M’s make me happy. (Peanut & Peanut Butter M&M’s if you were wondering…)


This little tree was made by my grandma and Zack won it in a gift exchange last year.


These little pillows were only $3 at Target and I just love them!  It took a lot of self control to limit myself to 2!


On the corners of our back door we have little Santa ribbons.  Also worn on my socks here.IMG_0641

Zack strung lights on our back patio too. :) (Talk about a miserable day, huh?)


This was also a cheap Target find.  $1 I believe?  I love Christmas countdowns!


On our dining room table we have another Christmas candle, and a little winter owl canister.  The owl actually holds our vitamins…but I put him out on the table because I thought he looked festive.


This is our entry way, my beloved chevron wall. :)


Dollar tree Christmas bow—also seen here. :)


This is my absolute favorite Christmas decoration in our whole house… except for maybe our stockings. :) My mom and sister got me this little glass tree when they were in Europe.  I just love it so much, and I love that they thought of me when they saw it… it wasn’t even Christmas time! :)

Also—notice the popcorn and cranberry garland… it’s fake. :)

IMG_1419 (2)IMG_1420 (2)

Finally, in case you missed it yesterday, these are our Christmas mugs… permanently filled with hot cocoa until December 25th. :)

Notice anything missing?  One thing I would love to find is a cute little nativity scene!  Looking at others’ home tours I’ve seen some amazing ones…but all the ones I’ve come across in person are either not my style, or way too expensive!  Any ideas?  I would love to find one for next year… afterall, that is the reason for the season!


  1. That Starbucks ornament is absolutely presh! My husband would love that! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. oh my goodness - I freaking love your built ins behind the tree!
    <3 the chevron wall too!
    and your decorations are so cute! the pillows + beads + banner! <3 them!

  3. Love all the decorations! We do christmas ornaments too!

  4. Awww... Your Christmas decorations are super cute!

  5. I love all of these different decorations! I especially love how there are so many--if you ask me, the more Christmas decor, the merrier. :)

    p.s. I especially love how meaningful each ornament is on the tree. We have a lot of random ones that we've collected over the years so I love how each of yours has a special story behind them!

    p.p.s. Thanks for linking up!!!

  6. I LOVE the story behind your stockings! That is such a cute and wonderful tradition.

    Also, I LOVE those pillows from Target. It's probably a good thing I live an hour away from Target because surely all of my money would be there. (And I'm good at limiting myself when it comes to online shopping! ha!)

    Your place looks great and the little tradition of buying each other ornaments? Precious. :)

    I wish I had my own place to decorate! Maybe next year, who knows!

  7. I'm not even sure where to begin with this post- it's filled with more holiday cheer and christmas spirit than the north pole. i absolutely love it. i think the love begins with Dolores Figgy-Pudding Harrell -- so sweet :) and the foldable mes? i was my own :) might head to target tomorrow and steal some of your ideas<3

  8. Love your Let It Snow banner! So cute! Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. All the decorations are SO cute! I love them! It's all so CHRISTMASSY! :D Also, the shot of you sitting on his shoulders to put the topper on the tree is fabulous!

  10. the cinderella one!!! hearts out my eyes!!!

  11. I love that your ornaments have such special meanings! And that flag banner is adorable!


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