Monday, December 16, 2013

Cutting Down a Christmas Tree

We did it you guys…

The first item of our Winter Bucket List is officially checked off… We got our tree!

IMG_1390 (2)

The other day we went with my parents to a cute little tree farm to cut down our own tree!  It was such a gorgeous evening, although it was 16 degrees!!

IMG_1406 (2)

This farm was so cute! All the paths were named with Christmas cheer.  It was hard for me to not snap pictures of all of them… So I just picked 2. :)

IMG_1413 (2)

We searched high and low for the perfect tree and finally Zack and I agreed on one… so he got to work.

IMG_1393 (2)IMG_1396 (2)IMG_1398 (2)IMG_1405 (2)IMG_1408 (2)

My parents found one too! :)

After we paid for our tree we head home to decorate!

Stay tuned for that post very soon…. but in the meantime, how cute are these Christmas mugs we got?

IMG_1419 (2)IMG_1420 (2)

You’d better believe we sipped hot cocoa out of them while decorating our little home. :)

Did you cut your own tree or buy it somewhere… real or fake?!


  1. Oh my, how fun! And, how stinkin cute are you! We do a real tree... but it's from Lowes, not nearly as exciting!

  2. Your tree is absolutely adorable!!!! I love tree hunting! :-)

  3. So much fun! I've always wanted to go and cut down my own tree, but we don't have any farms around us. I love y'all's tree and can't wait to see how you guys decorated it!

    P.S. Love the mugs! I love any mugs and need a good Christmas one! :)

  4. Ang what a cute tree! and a perfect one for decorating.

  5. mistletoe row and hot cocoa? sounds like a perfect date. love the tree you picked :)

  6. Ahh! I love that you guys went and picked out a tree! We've never done that before. We always have a fake tree. Maybe one of these days when we have kids we'll do that. :)


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