Friday, December 20, 2013

My All Time Favorite Christmas Movies

It’s the 20th which meeeeeans only 5 days ‘til Christmas!! Can you even believe it?!  I feel like this month has truly flown by, and somehow I don’t fully feel like I’m in the Christmas spirit yet.

Yesterday I realized there was only a week left to cram in all my favorite activities, and I was wayyyyyyy behind schedule.

So naturally, I decided to make a gingerbread house.  Actually my cousin just happened to have one at her house, so we did what in respectable twenty-something women would do…we built it!

IMG_1507 (2)

FYI—Trader Joe’s has the best gingerbread kits I’ve seen! 

So tonight my plans consist of wrapping up Christmas presents and watching Christmas movies!  Zack and I realized that we haven’t yet watched a lot of our favorites for the season… so that will be fixed tonight.

Just for fun I thought I would share my list of all time favorite Christmas movies with you!

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In no particular order…

White Christmas—This one is for sure in my top 3.  If you haven’t seen this, just do it.  I have great memories watching this one as a child and I still enjoy it very much.  Zack watched it for the first time last year and he is a fan also.  An oldie but a goodie.

Miracle on 34th Street—I actually prefer the “newer” version of this movie.  I remember watching it in the theater when it came out, and I have enjoyed watching it every year since!

Elf—Classic.  Fun fact, I actually didn’t love it the first time I watched it, but it’s grown on me since.

Borrowed Hearts—This is a made for TV movie I do believe, back in the peak of the Touched by an Angel days. :) It’s such a sweet movie that I search for on TV every year.  I have yet to find it playing anywhere this year though. :(

The Family Stone—This one is also one of my top 3.  I feel like this movie has a good amount of serious and funny, it’s a heartwarming family film.

Home Alone 1 & 2—Classics.  I don’t think I need to explain these. :)

The Ref—This is not a movie I normally thought of as a Christmas movie until I met Zack.  It’s a classic Christmas movie in his family, and I have grown to love it too!

The Holiday—The year this movie came out my college friends and I watched it every. single. night.  So many great memories attached to it!

The Grinch—This movie is probably towards the bottom of my favorites, but for some reason I still love to watch it every year.  It’s funny and a classic.  Plus Cindy Lou Who is awfully cute.

The Santa Clause—I love the first movie in the Santa Clause series.   2 & 3 are great, but the first is by far the best. :)

Love Actually—Ok, this might be cheating…but I’ve never actually seen this movie.  It seems silly that I would put a movie I’ve never seen on my favorites, but everyone keeps telling me I would love it.  So my mission is to watch it tonight!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?


  1. You should definitely watch Love Actually! :) I love that movie and watch it every year. At least once. Oh, and The Holiday!

  2. Oh I need to check some of these out! Thanks for the ideas :)

  3. White Christmas! Yes! Such a classic! And my family always watches Miracle on 34th Street every Christmas Eve (since before I was born!). :) And I love Elf and Home Alone and the Grinch! Such great movies :)

  4. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen White Christmas or watched the entire Miracle on 34th Street. I do agree about the first Santa Clause and The Holiday is a great movie!

  5. People keep telling me the same thing about Love Actually as well! And I almost put it on my list, but didn't since I hadn't seen it yet. Definitely planning on watching it sometime this weekend! :) :)

    Great list!! There are some on here that I haven't seen, but will definitely be giving them a try this Christmas season. :)

  6. My favorite movie is hands-down "It's a Wonderful Life." Such an inspiring, timeless story!

  7. elf & love actually are two of my favorites, but my husband love scrooged! and family vacation :)

  8. Augh, I did NOT like Love, Actually. I thought it was so dumb. Haha. You'll have to let me know what you think. :-)


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