Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013—The Year of Gratitude

2013 was a good year. Our first full year in our new home and new jobs together… and we still love each other! :)

Although I do understand the skeptics that are against new year resolutions, I’m one of those optimistic people that think the coming of the new year is refreshing and inspiring.  The start of a new year urges me to sit back and reflect on life...  I love taking the time to refocus my heart on what’s really important, and think about the standard I wish to set in the coming year.

Last year I picked a word I wanted to focus on, a word that I hoped would exemplify my year in a nutshell.  The word was gratitude.  I can see now how this word really did shape my life throughout the year.

While I focused on being present with those around me, I also noticed myself growing more and more grateful for the life I’ve been given. 

In January I celebrated my 25th birthday.  I focused on the present celebration and changed my perspective on birthdays in general.   I also learned to love and appreciate the beautiful place I call home.

In February I celebrated my husband’s life and made a list of 25 reasons I loved him.  I also learned to appreciate God’s word, and chose to be persistent in seeking Him.

In March I chose to be adventurous in the kitchen and cooked up two delicious recipes (here and here.)  I appreciated the “bigness” of our creator and delighted in the ways he speaks to me through His creation.  I reflected on the life of my uncle, and was grateful to spend time celebrating the time we spent together.

In April I reflected on the gift of Jesus while celebrating Easter.  I revealed a couple of our kooky marriage secrets. And finally started to feel the gratitude of having such great blog friends.

In May I was grateful for the fact that, “There’s something bigger going on here.”  I let you in on a little life mantra of mine.  I spent uninterrupted time with the one I love most.  And I gushed over the love from a few other of my favorites. :)

In June I was grateful for Mondays… at least I tried to be during the Making Good Mondays challenge. (Week 1, 2, 3) I finally was able to see thanks to my first trip to the eye doctor…  And I found plenty little joys in the every day moments.

In July I was thankful for being enough.  I was able to share with you a little project I did to make our home feel more “us.”  And I celebrated our freedom with three of my absolute favorite people.

In August I reflected on faith and friendship. I dominated my summer bucket list with my love. I learned that I was going to be an AUNT to a precious baby girl… and through a spectacular gender reveal party. And reflected on my purpose vs. my passions.

In September I missed my best friend. We also threw an amazing baby shower brunch for my cousin and her baby-to-be!  We also celebrated 2 years of wedding bliss by reflecting on our big day.

In October I surprised Zack with a weekend away to celebrate our second anniversary!  I also reflected on grace, and the things I’ve learned about God through my family.  I also showed my nerdy Disney loving side.

In November we celebrated Christmas a bit early… and I hosted the 30 Days of Thankfulness Link-up! (1,2,3,4)

In December I reflected on why I blog about Jesus.  I made a bucket list. And celebrated Christmas to the max…


Overall I would say that the year of gratitude was one full of countless little joys.  I learned so much about being present with the ones I loved, and truly counted my blessings each and every single day.

This year not only do I hope to continue celebrating the every day little joys… but I hope to reflect on a new word… stay tuned. :)


  1. love this update! What a great year (Love your nails too) All great photos!! Happy 2014!

  2. It must make you so happy to read this post and see all the wonderful things that happened over the past year. I bet it even makes you... grateful :) I hadn't seen a picture of your ring before - soso pretty!! Also, I'm trying to figure out how to get replies!!

  3. How awesome that you truly were able to see how your word of 2013 truly permiated the year! :-) I hope 2014 is amazing for you! :-)

  4. Oh what a wonderful year you've had! I'm so glad you two have had so many opportunities to live your lives full of gratitude in 2013! :) I hope your 2014 is even better. :)

  5. you guys are the CUTEST I hope 2014 is just as great for y'all as 2013 was! :)

  6. okay, can you try and respond to this?? i'm excited to see if it works :)

  7. What a wonderful year! So glad you were able to live out your word. Happy 2014!!

  8. Aww, such a great year! Hope 2014 is just as wonderful!


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