Friday, January 17, 2014

Find Beauty Friday [a link-up]

Happy Friday, my friends! :)

Today I have the wonderful opportunity to co-host a link-up over at Aimee’s blog called Find Beauty Friday.  I love reading all these posts and seeing different pictures of what people find beautiful!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any short amount of time then you already know how much I enjoy celebrating life’s little joys.  So instead of choosing one random picture of something I found that’s beautiful… I want to share a few little moments that I find beautiful.


Some of you probably saw this Wednesday already… but I snapped this shot with this post in mind.  I was driving the other day (well, riding… Zack was driving don’t worry! :) and I noticed this awesome view of the mountain.  It was a rare clear moment that I wanted to capture.

(PS—It’s Mt. Hood you guys, thus my blog name… we live near Mt. Hood—not in “the hood.” :) Turns out there has been some confusion with a couple readers out there. Haha)


Crunchy leaves and fall boots are beautiful in my book.  Amazing what beauty we find when we take a second to look around. :)


Just a random ocean reflection—I could take hundreds of ocean photos!! It never ceases to put me in awe and inspire me! Such natural beauty.


Another “Hood” picture.  This was very unexpected, we actually we at the airport in the parking garage and decided to park on the very top level.  Little did we know this beautiful view was waiting for us!


Finally—This is my favorite moment of beauty… A little moment with my sisters.  (Well my sister and my cousin… but she’s more like my sister.) 

Now, it’s your turn!!  Link-up your favorite moment(s) of beauty here:


  1. Love that Mt Hood pic!!! We were there in the fall and just loved hiking around it!!

  2. These pictures really are beautiful!! That's so funny that people think your title refers to "the hood." I guess since I live in Portland I just automatically knew what you were talking about. :-)

  3. I LOVE that picture of Mt. Hood that you took. And such a clever blog name that you created from living there as well. :)

    Have you seen that quiz that is going around fb? The one where it tells you where you are really supposed to live? Well, I totally got Portland. So, if that ever happens, I will have to find you and Zach! :)

  4. love this concept- i'm going to have to get involved with this finding beauty gig!

  5. These are all such beautiful pictures and a great link-up!

  6. So I have never known the meaning behind your blog name, haha! That shot of the mountain is beautiful! I can see why you'd name your blog after living near it! :)


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