Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#harrellsdo2014 [week 4]

Happy Hump Day! :)

It’s an extra long week for Zack and I work-wise but then we get to leave for vacation!  We have had this trip planned for awhile (like 2 years) but with Ms. Harper making her debut, we had nearly forgotten about it!  It has sort of snuck up on us so we are spending the rest of the week doing last minute preparations… we are so excited.

With that being said, I have some pretty awesome guest posts lined up for next week from some pretty amazing ladies. :)

Anyways… in case you’re new around here, I am attempting to document my 2014 thoroughly by taking a picture a day via my Instagram.  Then, each week I post the pictures on here! 

Here are this week’s photos:

jan 22

January 22nd—I met up with 2 of my favorite ladies at my friend Stacey’s coffee shop. (Seen here. :) We celebrated mine and my other friend’s birthdays and Stacey treated us to little coffees!

jan 23

January 23rd—Happy birthday to me. :)  I kept the celebrations low-key.  My cousin/sister/best friend, Jessie, threw a sweet little dinner party for me.  It was such a great night, I felt truly loved and celebrated.  (Read my birthday post here.)

jan 24

January 24th—Hair today, gone tomorrow. 8 inches donated to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.  (Read more here.)

jan 25

January 25th—Harper Olivia’s new ‘do. :)

jan 26

January 26th—Just a little selfie, getting used to my short hair still.

jan 27

January 27th—I bought this cookie stamp with high hopes.  (Remember it from this post?)  Sadly my cookies didn’t turn out quite as well as expected.  My friend told me shortbread cookies made from refrigerated dough might help.  Maybe I will try that next time.


Any success with cookie stamps? What’s your favorite coffee treat? Take any exciting Instagram pictures lately? 

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  1. Love the shorter hairdo! Don't think I could handle a cookie stamp. Cookies are complicated enough for me. Baking is not my area of giftedness!!

  2. Vacation!!! How exciting!!! Have a great trip! xoxo

  3. i missing your blog while on vacation but ohmygoodness - you've been up to a lot! a haircut? ah! it's gorgeous.. and birthdays with friends are my favorite kind :)

  4. Love the short hair! It's a whole new ball game when you have less hair to play with. Have a great vacation!

  5. That coffee looks so good!! :) And I love the idea of a cookie stamp. I've never seen one before!


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