Thursday, January 9, 2014

#harrellsdo2014 [week one]

2 hashtag posts in one week?  Who am I?!

I am jumping on the band wagon and attempting to document my 2014 thoroughly by taking one picture a day via my Instagram.  Then, each week I will share the pictures on here…

I am saying attempting because I guarantee this will be a challenge for me.  When you’ve been at work for 12 hours and then spend the rest of your evening on the couch in your cozies, there’s just not a lot to photograph at that point… You can probably expect lots of food and sky pictures…and babies.

I am hoping to last all 365 days, but let’s just say this is not the first time I’ve attempted this challenge… :)

Anyways, here are this week’s snippets:

jan 1

January 1st—Spending the first day of the New Year with my favorite little lady.

jan 2

January 2nd—My sister read my Winter Bucket List and saw that I needed these peppermint ‘mallows… She is just the best.  The verdict?  Amazing in hot cocoa, but pretty gross by themselves.

jan 3

January 3rd—I don’t normally drink a lot of soda, but when I do it’s a DP. :)  I also purchased some new sparkly reusable straws from Starbucks for $1.97 so I was pretty excited to use them. 

jan 4

January 4th—Our dinner.  Like I said, expect a lot of food pictures. :)

jan 5

January 5th—Morning frost.  Still praying for snow!

jan 6

January 6th—A day off with these 2 guys, and my not-pictured sister. :)

jan 7

January 7th—A post workout selfie.  I don’t love working out… but I was super proud of myself for getting in there and doing it.


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  1. haha, i've promised myself to take a photo a day.. well.. i can't count how many times! its a tough thing to do, but i think it pays off well- stick with it :) oh, and i want some of those peppermint marshmallows- yum!

  2. you should tag like #project365 or something because i know there are a lot of people who do the same ;)

  3. I'm excited to be doing a photo-a-day project alongside you this year! I'm happy to have found another blogger to keep me accountable. :)

    And when you mentioned not knowing what to take photos of after working all day? Story of my life, girl, story of my life. It's proving to be a challenge in and of itself everyday! Speaking of which, I still need to take today's photo... :)

    Oh, and my fave photo from this week? The frost. I know the weather's been crazy in other areas of the country, but can it please snow in the PNW again?

  4. Yeah, I can't imagine that peppermint marshmallows would actually taste good, but I do like a hint of mint in my hot chocolate, so that seems like the ideal way to consume them!

  5. that would be so interesting by the end of the year with a photo a day! My goodness i can't even do a whole month with the photo a day challenges. i think 7 days is my top score lol!

  6. I really want to do some photo challenges this year, but I can't even think about where to begin or what to photograph!

    Also, peppermint marshmallows??? I need these in my hot cocoa, ASAP. :)


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