Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Fantastic Blog Post Ideas [guest post-Random Writings of Rachel]

Happy Monday!

You all are in for a treat today... Not only is the wonderful Rachel guest posting, she is giving everyone an opportunity to participate in a future blog post of hers. :)  Read more below...

In case you forgot, a few amazing bloggers will be taking over the blog this week while I'm spending quality time with my family on vacation! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do! :)
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 Hi, I'm Rachel, young married blogger with an outspoken family!

Some bloggers blog privately, without telling their family and friends about their blog. I don't happen to be one of those. I tell every one I meet that I blog, with the interesting result that I get a LOT of blog post suggestions. Everyone from my husband to my parents to my baby sister and friends tell me, "Hey, I have a blog post suggestion for you!"

I consider my blog a group project. I have taken many of their suggestions and put my own twist on them to publish them on my blog, but other suggestions haven't made it quite as far. Here are a few of the blog post ideas that have been suggested over the past few months that I haven't actually written, as recorded in my blog post idea book. Perhaps the reasons why I have chosen not to use these particular ideas may be more or less obvious after reading the list:

How Pedometers Induce Exercise through Competition

Kids are Smarter than You Think They are

The Need for More Seats in Stores for Husbands to Sit While Wives Shop

Is Google Attempting To Take Over the World?

Mysterious Disappearance of the Home Phone

The Netflix Movie Collection is Really Weird

A Discourse on the Many Ways to Cuddle

What has America Contributed to International Cuisine?

Landlords--A Necessary Evil, Some more Evil than Necessary

Oranges with Seeds: More Work Than They're Worth

Now...I could see some potential in a few of these. I'm not ruling them out for all eternity, but as of yet I haven't felt quite inspired enough on any of these ideas to turn them into a post. However, I'm totally game for the adventure of writing a post on request.

So, today I'm asking for you to suggest blog post ideas--as wacky as can be or far more normal than I'm comfortable with--suggest anything! Suggest a post that you had an idea for but never felt like writing yourself.

I guarantee that I'll choose at least one post to write from the comment suggestions on today's post. The commenter whose blog post idea I choose will get a shout-out on my blog...and hey, if several of you suggest ideas that are just plain irresistible, I might have a bunch of new posts that I have to get busy writing...


  1. Oh Rachel I love your blog! My suggestion was for Angel's take on random things you say! Since you always do a Rachel-ism post!!!!!

  2. Ha! The many ways to cuddle? That's so random. I don't even know what that means!

  3. ;)) do a post on what would you be or what would you do in another era :D and choose the era that you most likely would not choose :P

  4. Ooh, I want to hear the discourse on the many ways to cuddle! I tend to blog about whatever has been happening lately in life (what we're doing, eating, experiencing, etc) so I hadn't thought much about coming up with specific things to blog about. I like the pick an era suggestion above!

  5. ahh, these are hilarious! A post about the TV characters you wish you were and why! :D


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