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Breaking the Law [guest post-The Word of a Nerd]

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to guest post on one of my favorite blogs--The Word of a Nerd while the lovely blogger, Charity, was on vacation.  Charity, has now been kind to reciprocate the favor! :)

In case you forgot, a few amazing bloggers will be taking over the blog this week while I'm spending quality time with my family on vacation! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do! :)
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Hey Harrells on Hood readers I'm Charity and I blog over at The Word of A Nerd. I am a lover of Jesus and a Wife to an awesome Nerdy Guy that I met in a grocery store. I'm professional story teller and I do that through photography, but I get the greatest joy from being Wife and a Homemaker. On my blog I share about my life as I Eat, Pray, and Love. I enjoy writing about cooking and baking, my love for Christ, my life as a wife, and every now and again I like to share an awesome DIY project. I am a vegan, I love to travel, and I love doing things to care for the earth. You can connect with me at the links below: 

I'm just curious how many of you can admit to breaking the law?

I'm totally raising my hand right now. I know I'm a woman who talks about Jesus, loving my husband, and being a vegan but yes I break the law. I can admit that I've done it several times this week - never intentionally, and never to the point of getting arrested. Yikes!

I bet you are curious about how I break the law. Well I've made you a small list

1.    I am guilty of going about 5 miles over the speed limit when I am driving.
2.    I sometimes turn at a no turn on red when there aren't cameras.
3.    I am a habitual offender when it comes to jay walking.

Before you write me off as a felonious blogger hear me out. All of us break the law some way or another. Sometimes you just aren't aware of it.

What sense does it make to cross the street at the light when no cars are coming? Trust me I believe that the cross walk is the safest and I advocate crossing there especially if you live in busy NYC. But sometimes like now when it's extremely cold I refuse to stand at the cross walk when nothing is coming. I look both ways left right left right like my Mommy taught me and keep it moving, thus making me guilty of jay walking!

As for those no right turn on red lights. Have you ever stopped at a light in a skeevy part of town? An area that looked dark and dank and didn't have a single pedestrian or other driver on the road? Then you look up and see that no turn on red sign? Before you know it you are clicking your door lock button and squeezing the steering wheel? Well I have, in the upper more suburban parts of NY and NJ. It seems like someone is trying to set me up because I always get stuck at those lights. So for my own safety I always look left right left and then I make my right turn, I know you've done it - don't pretend you haven't. I guess that would be running the red light?

When it comes to speeding there is a system, excessive speed will always get you pulled over especially when you are passing the cars around you. Going way to fast can also hurt other people and even yourself. If everyone on the road seems to be going to slow that means you are going too fast. In my early 20's I got my first and last speeding ticket. I was going 12 miles over the speed limit on the highway. The police officer told me that if I was going several miles slower the conversation/ticket could have been avoided. I was then told I could go 5 miles over the limit safely and anything more than that was subject to a ticket. I believe that the speed limit is there for a reason so I try my best to stick to that. Occasionally I go a little over but not more than 5 miles. Again I don't advocate speeding - but I am guilty.

I admit that I am a unintentional law breaker! I am working on being better.
Have you ever broken the law? Past or present? Tell us about it.


  1. I live in Memphis and people here are notorious for running red lights just as they change from yellow to red. I learned this the hard way several years ago when we first moved here. I was coming up to a yellow light and knew I couldn't make it without it turning red before I got through the intersection so I naturally slowed down and stopped at the light. Unfortunately the person behind me just assumed that I would do what all Memphians do and run the light because normally not only does the person run the light, but the person BEHIND THEM runs it too which is when it gets really dangerous because by that point the cross traffic has a green light. Anyway they didn't realize I was braking until too late. They hit me from behind and ran me into the intersection. Thankfully everyone was fine, but ever since then when I am approaching a yellow light, you better believe I check my rearview mirror and if there is a car on my tail, I go ahead and run the light as it changes. I've never seen someone get a ticket here for running the light as it changes (or even for running it after it changes for that matter - Memphis has too much other crime for cops to be concerned about), but I'd rather get a ticket for a running a light than to get hit from behind and into a busy intersection where major injury could happen.

    1. That happened to me before. A lady hit me in the back and ran, the cops got her though. She said she thought I was going through it. No lady I was stopping like yours supposed to on a red light! Lol! Glad you are okay.

  2. I'm guilty of breaking the law, occasionally. There is always a no 'U TURN' sign where I need to make a u turn, so I look to see if the coast is clear and floor it.

    I have also broken the law at my local grocery store by eating fruits without paying for them. Sure my intentions are purchase them, but I need to eat a few grapes to see if they are sweet enough first. If they are sweet, I buy them. If they aren't sweet, I leave the rest there. Who wants to but yucky fruits? Not I.

    Well, that the limit of my outlaw days. Most times I am a law abiding citizen and I'm proud of it.


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