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Date Ideas [guest post-Well-Traveled Wife]

Happy Friday!

In case you forgot, a few amazing bloggers will be taking over the blog this week while I'm spending quality time with my family on vacation! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do! :)
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Hi! I'm Emi from and happy to be guest posting today!

My blog is focused on traveling and adventuring with my husband, and we like to share highlights and favorites everywhere we go...from city guides to travel tips, we share our love for seeing the world. You can't be a travel lover without loving food, so we have some favorite restaurants + recipes mixed in. On top of all of this our blog is a place to document our life, so there are some personal updates sprinkled in along the way. Stop by our site and say hi! We're happy to be guest posting today!

Since Angela's blog has a big focus on love, I thought I'd share some of our favorite date ideas. We made this list a while ago and sometimes when we can't decide what to do, we pick off this list! I have them all in strips in a mason jar so we will just pull one out and do it!

Dating is even more important after marriage, especially because life gets so busy. Whether we are traveling across the world together or staying home, we always try to adventure and explore together. So here are the: well-traveled wife date ideas

  • bike rides – around the block or out and about!
  • sketch out a blueprint of our dream home
  • cook together – each taking turns with parts of the recipe
  • go to the gym together – we don't always do the same workout, but i love just looking at chase from across the gym
  • make a list of places we have been and want to go
  • paint each other's potrait
  • have a cookie each make your own recipe!
  • spend the night at barnes & noble me, this is addicting
  • find a place to mini golf
  • plant a garden – my dream when we have a yard! something to start together, and work on over time!
  • go see a play/musical at a local of our favorite things. there can be such hidden gems locally, and they usually aren't too expensive!
  • paint a room in your house//apartment
  • go shopping for something new for each of you
  • speed scrabble..the best
  • go for a long walk
  • picnic on the beach or at the park
  • play a tennis match
  • make a time capsule- i really want to do this!
  • cuddle up on the couch for a movie with kettle corn
  • start reading a book together – it can be romantic!
  • organize photos & relive memories
  • sit outside and watch the sunset
  • make a music video together
  • get lost watching youtubes all night
  • go window shopping
  • watch home videos
  • take a cooking class together
  • go get breakfast for dinner
  • make a very specific list of things we love about each other
  • make a list of potential future baby names
  • get ahead of the game and go buy christmas/birthday gifts for family
  • mute the TV/movie and make up your own dialogue
  • go through a junk drawer and organize it
  • plan a dream trip, down to every detail
  • go to yoga...or even do it at home with a youtube!
  • go to the dollar movies
  • find a historic walking tour somewhere where you live
  • take your parents out for dinner together
  • go wedding crashing
  • write a leap list for before kids
  • take a photography class together
  • take a day trip to a special location nearby – for us it would be santa cruz, monterey, carmel-by-the-sea, sausalito, napa valley, etc.
  • find a band you both like and see if they’re playing anytime soon or nearby. if not, go searching for live music.
  • go to the romantic!
  • write letters to our loved ones
  • make it a double feature at the movie each pick one
  • take dancing lessons..really one of the most favorite things we have done together!
  • head to a baseball game together – major or minor league!
  • go bowling! {my secret talent}
  • go house hunting...even if it's just for fun
  • go fishing – something my husband loves trying to get me to do
  • rent canoes for a little ride
  • facetime old friends // family
  • roller blading – this really is so fun and actually a good work out!
  • get a couple massage at a local massage school
  • run a 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, marathon together
  • volunteer together somewhere special
  • make a video together
  • go practice your golf swing at a driving range
  • head to the beach {something we are lucky to have nearby!}
  • play a board game or cards
  • recreate your very first date
  • dance in the kitchen
  • go check out a flea market
  • try a new work out together
  • go camping
  • online shop and make wish lists for each other to keep for reference :)
  • watch the sunset and sunrise
  • play frisbee
  • redo your bedroom together – re-arrange furniture, put new sheets on, hang pictures, etc
  • when it’s raining, go soak it in outside together!
  • find free movies at a local park near you and take a blanket + treats
  • walk around the mall, and make sure to get a cinnamon pretzel :)
  • have a fondue night
  • make chocolate chip cookies from scratch together
  • go try batting cages
  • go-cart racing!
  • check out a local art gallery
  • take a boat ride
  • go test drive a car {for real or just for fun!}
  • go apple picking – one of my favorite things we've done this year!
  • watch your wedding video together
  • make a family tree
  • spa night! massages, manicures, pedicures
  • spend the night at a local bed & breakfast
  • go hiking
  • rearrange our furniture
  • go to an aquarium
  • head to a local museum
  • take a new fitness class together
  • make ice cream sundaes
  • go ice skating
  • make chocolate-dipped strawberries
  • find a karaoke place to unwind at
  • plan a progressive dinner at different restaurants...appetizers one place, salad the next, entree and a third restaurant, and somewhere else for dessert!
  • lay in the backyard and look up at the stars
  • go horseback riding
  • download new music and make a playlist together
  • cook s'mores on the stove
  • go hot tubbing
  • plan your dream 5- year anniversary trip
  • make treats and drop them off to people who need a pick-me-up
  • dress up fancy and go out to dinner downtown
  • write down goals and dreams you both have for your lives
  • go grocery shop together and plan out meals in advance
  • clean out and organize something in your house/apartment
  • make breakfast and eat it in bed
  • plant a tree
  • build a fort and watch a movie in it
  • go to a planetarium and be nerds
  • take a bubble bath together
  • create a scavenger hunt for each other of clues that only the 2 of you would know and understand
  • write poems to each other
  • go to a water park on a hot summer day
  • go to a fun pottery/painting place like color-me-mine!
  • make a list of books to read/ movies to watch
  • find a street fair or county fair
  • pick a food truck and hunt it down for dinner
  • go to a farmer's market together
  • spin a globe, and wherever it lands-go find a dinner place with that type of food
  • go out to brunch! best meal ever.
  • go thrift shopping and pick out one crazy item for each other
  • make something for our house
  • go star gazing
  • go rock climbing
  • stock up on favorite toppings and make your own ice cream sundae bar
  • make 5, 10, and 15 year plans
  • go to a sports bar to watch a big game
  • go to an antique store.
  • go to a comedy club.

  • hope these ideas help! date away! XO
    What's your favorite date idea?!


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    2. What a great list! So many excellent ideas! :)


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