Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quality Control [guest post-in it for love]

Happy Sunday everyone!! 

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Finley, an amazing blogger who was nice enough to kick off the guest posts while I’m on vacation. 

While I’m away I hope to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers each day, I hope you enjoy their posts as much as I do! :)

xoxo- Ang


Hi! I'm Finley and I blog over at In it for Love and I'm excited to be blogging here at the lovely and beautiful Angela's blogging home. 

I started my blog in August last year, 2013 and have been completely amazed at what a wonderful community this place is! Advice, inspirations and friendships I never knew I'd be lucky enough to find! 

I'm a Christian, a wife, a twin, a sister, a daughter, an Aunty to 10 nieces & nephews, a hopeful woman TTC, a food nerd and at times, quite awkward and love to get a smile out of people even if it means I look silly in the process!

My blogging home, at In it for Love, features yours truly.   I live in the Sunshine State of Australia - beautiful Queensland - and I started my blog to really get in touch with my faith and to let my brain figure out the journey as I go along - in the best way possible - getting it on paper.  


I'd say that hands down my blog has helped me grow in my walk with God and given me confidence in the understandings of my faith!  

From my perspective, as a new follower of Christ, I was baptised in May 2013, it has taught me so many things I never thought I'd learn about myself.

The main thing is that I don't have to do things on my own.   I've always been an organiser, organising my day, weekends and my poor dear husband.   The thing with wanting to have everything organised a certain way is that it often leads to disappointment.  Things wouldn't go according to plan, I'd get disappointed because someone wouldn't do something the way I saw it happening and it leads to quite an unhealthy form of anxiety.

2014 Finley is on a mission to be filled with Simplicity.  My word for the year.  This means releasing myself from all forms of trying to be in control of a situation and just going with the flow - of course I have my weekly diary planner to help me "go with the flow" that little bit easier haha!  Baby steps!

But it’s such a great way to be.  I'm feeling more relaxed and carefree and strangely things happen without me being involved!!! I'm not sure how they do, but they do haha! 

It's the one thing I know that is going to really help me as I grow on my walk.  Because the meaning behind giving up all control, is putting it in the hands of our Lord and Saviour!!!  What better place for it to be!

I hope to see you over at my little blogging home and would love to visit yours too!!

Thank you again Angela!!


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  1. Yay!! Love seeing Finley post here!! xoxo

  2. Hi Finley! I have to tell you, I LOVE your name! It's such a pretty name! And the meaning behind it is pretty awesome too. My husband and I have been picking out baby names for the kids we will someday have for the past couple of years so names and meanings are really cool to us. Anyway, that's a super random comment that has nothing to do with your post, haha! Good luck to you and your husband with TTC! :)


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