Thursday, March 27, 2014

#harrellsdo2014 [week 12]

Today is Thursday, and it’s an exciting day for us.

Zack is coming home!!!

He has been on a trip since Sunday with his dad and brothers… and I have missed him so much!  I will admit, having one day to myself was kind of nice, but after that I was losing my mind.  I missed having my best friend around everyday.

Anyways, that’s what is going on with me… and I’m too excited to think about anything else!


In case you missed it, I am attempting to document my 2014 thoroughly by taking a picture a day via my Instagram.  Then, each week I post the pictures on here.

Here are this week’s pictures! :)

march 19

March 19th—Family dinner with some of my favorite folks in the whole wide world. :)

march 20

March 20th—My favorite guilty pleasure are peanut butter M&M’s.  So delicious. 

march 21

March 21st—When we went to Disneyland we brought home Disney Monopoly.  Zack and I played it finally and well, I dominated. :)

march 22

March 22nd—Throwback to my first day on Earth.  Aren’t we the cutest?

march 23

March 23rd—I take the comment above back.  My little niece is the cutest.

march 24

March 24th—The first 2 nights that Zack was out of town I was lucky enough to have his cousins staying with me!  When I came home from work one day I found this lovely addition to our whiteboard wall. :) (Recognize the olive you?)

march 25

March 25th—A day off all by myself means a lazy morning.  I made myself a dirty chai, lit a candle, and spent some time updating this little ol’ blog of mine. :)

march 26

March 26th—Got this little baby in the mail!!! So excited for my best friend’s wedding!!  I better start writing a toast, jeez.


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  1. aww, i always love when jon comes home after a trip away (no matter how short). peanut butter m&ms are delicious... but.. thing is.. pretzel m&ms are better ;)

  2. That Disney monopoly looks too cool!! So glad the husband is home!

  3. So happy Zack is back! It's crazy how we miss them SO much when they are gone, BUT that extra "me" time is always very therapeutic.
    That Disney Monopoly is crazy, but I still don't think I could sit through the whole game, ADD ;)

    I hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy your hubby being back home!

  4. So much happy! Hooray for your bestie's wedding and hooray that Zach is back! :)


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