Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#harrellsdo2014 [week 13]

Did anyone get tricked by any April Fool’s Day pranks yesterday?!

No one specifically played a prank on me… but I’m so dang gullible so when reading different articles and updates on Facebook, I fell for all of them!  I remember thinking, “Oh, that’s strange…” But didn’t even second guess it.  Then later I would see updates saying April Fool’s!  Joke’s on me I guess. :)

The best April Fool’s prank that I heard though was done by a Portland restaurant called Sizzle Pie.  They left yellow envelopes on cars’ windshields around the city, which looked exactly like parking tickets.  But once you opened up the envelope, you would see it said they were found, “Guilty and sentenced to one free slice of pizza from Sizzle Pie.”  (Click on that to see the very convincing picture.)  Not only were people fooled, but they got free pizza out of it.  Win-win situation in my book.


In case you missed it, I am attempting to document my 2014 thoroughly by taking a picture a day via my Instagram.  Then, each week I post the pictures on here.

Here are this week’s pictures! :)

march 27

March 27th—He’s home!! So excited to have my husband back!

march 28

March 28th—Date night out at our favorite local place calls for delicious blood orange margs!  So good!

march 29

March 29th—After a long day of work I did not feel like taking pictures…and I didn’t really have anything to take a picture of.  When I told Zack I hadn’t taken a picture yet that day he said, “Let’s just take one right now!”  Such a supportive husband.  I just love him.

march 30

March 30th—In case you missed it yesterday, free printable up on the blog! :)

march 31

March 31st—Up close and personal with my oatmeal.

april 1

April 1st—Spontaneous trip to Killer Burger for a peanut butter, pickle, & bacon burger.  That sounds disgusting but trust me, this is one epic burger.  And that’s coming from a non-burger loving girl.


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  1. Now that pizza prank is awesome. Prank people and make them happy about it?? Win! Peanut butter on a burger?? That's new to me!

  2. Those slice of pizza "tickets" are a great idea! Funny and harmless! :)

  3. I wish someone pulled a pizza prank on me...smh all I got were fake engagements and pregnancy results haha.

  4. That is the best April Fools joke, ever. Free pizza? Please.

  5. that sizzle pie prank is awesome - i think it would make me a loyal customer just because the company is so fun :)

  6. I wouldn't mind getting a pizza ticket! After I got over the initial shock anyway, ha ha. The printable is so cute, and I love peanut butter on burgers!

  7. Oh my goodness. That burger actually sounds fantastic! Have you heard of Mugshots before? I'm thinking it's just a southern restaurant located in college towns right now. But, anyways, they have a peanut butter burger that is absolutely fantastic! I always get crunchy and their fries are to die for. So, I would totally try that burger! :) Plus, I do love bacon.

  8. That is one hilarious April Fool's Day joke! I love it and would love to see that happen in my hometown! :) And that oatmeal looks delish! I am kind of obsessing over coconut and almonds as of late. :)

  9. i am all about burgers and i especially love toppings of all kinds. i'd be down to try this one for sure! and your husband sounds very sweet. :-)


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