Tuesday, April 15, 2014

on keeping secrets & being sick

Oh, life. :)

I have been MIA on the blog lately, mostly for one of two reasons…

1) I had been secretly planning a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister!  My cousin Jessie and I started this mission a couple months ago, and as things got down to the wire, the party consumed my life!  We wanted so badly to keep it a complete surprise for my sister, so I felt like I couldn’t even write a decent post… I couldn’t think about anything else!


I will definitely be writing a more detailed post soon, but here’s a spoiler… she was completely surprised.  The party was so much fun and a huge success.

2) The other reason I have been MIA is because I have caught this nasty cold that’s been making its way around my family.  I am just thankful I got it after the party… and I’m hoping I am completely healed before we visit Zack’s family for Easter!

So that’s my life lately, I have so many ideas for this little space, I am hoping to get back to writing posts soon. :)

What have you been up to lately?


  1. i had a feeling that's what you were up to when i saw the surprise party pics on instagram - looks likes such a fun time, and so thoughtful of you to plan everything :) can't wait to hear more :)

  2. Oh wow!! That's so awesome that the surprise party worked after all the hard work you put into it! that would be so fun!

  3. oh my gosh - 80s 80s 80s!! i love it!!
    and i hope you start feeling better! colds are the worst!

  4. Glad you managed to keep the party a surprise!

  5. Surprises are so fun! I have the hardest time keeping surprises a secret. There was one time I was trying to surprise Tyler and the first time I found something out about the surprise, I told him. Yay, I'm not great at it.

  6. SO fun that it was a surprise!! Hope you get to feeling better xoxo

  7. blogs break are soo needed sometimes! I am glad you had such a great time, and so awesome that you put on such a great event for your sister!

  8. Hope you are feeling better by now, girl!


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