Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Harrell [weeks 17-22]

19-22 weeks

Baby is the size of… an onion [17], sweet potato [18], mango [19], banana [20] pomegranate [21], papaya [22].

Big Developments… A lot of big developments have happened over the past few weeks, but as of 22 weeks our baby is around 11 inches and almost 1 pound and starting to look like a miniature newborn. The lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, tiny tooth buds are developing beneath the gums. Eyes have formed, but the irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment.

Cravings? I had a big donut craving for WEEKS!  Lucky for me, I attended my cousin’s wedding where in lieu of a wedding cake they had a donut cake.  It was honestly the best thing ever.


Also, Zack’s cousins came to visit and brought us donuts too!  I have definitely fulfilled the donut craving a few too many times… I think it’s safe to say I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight again after losing so much being sick. ;)

Aversions? Most things still make me a little queasy thinking about them… Zack has stopped asking what I feel like eating for meals and will just set something in front of me.  I can usually eat anything without issue, it’s just the thought of it that makes me feel sick. 

Sleep?  Still not sleeping great throughout the night, but have eliminated naps almost altogether which is a great sign.  I’m starting to get some motivation back!

Other Symptoms? I am no longer getting sick every single morning!! (PTL!!) However, it’s not gone completely.  The longest I’ve gone was 6 days and it was glorious. 

Around 18 weeks I felt our baby move for the first time!  Zack was out of town and I was sitting on the couch at home when it happened.  I immediately started to tear up, I just knew that I felt our little baby for the first time, and I was bummed Zack wasn’t there to share it with!  I tried to wiggle around to feel it again but it didn’t work.  After that I could feel it at night time every couple of days just faintly.

Around 20 weeks I started to feel movement more consistently at night, and stronger too!  Now, at 22 weeks I can feel movement throughout the day every once in awhile, and the occasional large kick or roll.  It is such an incredible feeling… I can only imagine what it will be like for the next 18 weeks!

What I Miss?  Coffee… have had a couple decaff coffees, but they just aren’t the same for some reason?  I really miss turkey sandwiches and fresh Caesar salads!  I have been asking at restaurants if they use raw eggs in the Caesar dressing and only one that I’ve been to did not… and it was SO delicious. 

Maternity Clothes?  I am still not fitting into maternity pants yet… which is getting tricky.  There’s no way my normal pants can button comfortably so I’ve had to get creative with my work pants… I use a hair tie to fasten the button, and a long tank top to cover it. :)  Luckily it’s summer, so other than work I have gotten by wearing maxi skirts and dresses.

IMG_3257IMG_32822 events, one maxi dress…desperate times.

This week I also had the opportunity to try out some comfy maternity yoga pants from—I will be telling you more about those soon. :) (*Spoiler—I love them!)

New Baby Items? Now that we know the *GENDER of Baby Harrell, we have gotten a TON of items!!  Zack and I are constantly amazed at how generous people have been!  My cousin Jennifer is amazing and surprised us with 2 huge boxes filled with the cutest clothes, not to mention a bunch of other great baby items—like a bouncer/swing, boppy, and other little toys.

Then, the nanny family that gave us the crib that I mentioned here?  They gave us 2 huge bins of clothes too!

All that, plus SO many cute new things family and friends have bought us once they found out the gender.  Baby Harrell is SO loved… and Zack and I just feel so blessed for all the love and support we have received already.

*Wondering what the gender of our little bundle is?  Well, stay tuned for our gender reveal party update coming later this week. :)  Most of you know already though, the secret is out on Instagram, if you just can’t wait to see.


  1. You look so cute!!! And YAY for having a boy!!! I'm partial to boys right now since that's what we're having. ;-)

  2. You're more than halfway already!!

  3. Aww you are looking great! Glad most of the sickness is easing! And I love that you can feel the baby moving! :)


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