Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maternity Staples from YogaOutlet.com

I mentioned briefly in this post that with this whole pregnancy thing, clothing is getting tricky… I’m small enough to where the maternity stuff doesn’t really fit yet, but too big for my normal sized pants and shorts.  A classic in-betweener.

I’ve had a few staple items this summer that I’ve turned to until the warmer maternity hand-me-downs from my sister start fitting a little better, the first article being dresses!  I loveeee my maxi dresses.  Nothing fit as well and was more comfortable for my growing bump… that was until I was able to try these little gems on…

maternity yoga pants3

(This post is about the pants… however, for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram, my best friend surprised me with this little shirt.  I think it was more of a present for my Star Wars loving husband… but I got a good laugh out of it!)

Enter YogaOutlet.com.  When I was contacted by YogaOutlet.com to participate in their summer blogger promotion, I was a bit hesitant.  Nothing really seemed to be fitting me right and I was so uncomfortable in everything I tried on!  I browsed the website a bit and was pleasantly surprised to find a couple maternity items available for purchase.

In full disclosure, I received a gift card to select one item in exchange for my honest review.  After much deliberation between these two maternity items, I finally selected the Cozy Orange Wanderlust Maternity Pants—in the raven black color.

maternity yoga pants4

I have tried on maternity pants before, and even the extra smalls in stores seemed to be too big and awkwardly baggy in the crotch area.  My expectations for these pants were low, I selected the small size to add to my cart and hoped for the best.

Much to my surprise… they fit perfectly!

From their website:

“Elastic underbelly waistband the sits just below your belly for easy wear throughout your pregnancy. Chafe-free and stretchy for a cozy feel. Relaxed fit with boot cut leg openings. Luxurious four-way stretch fabric. Moisture wicking qualities for a dry fit. Shape and color retention fabric qualities.”

maternity yoga pants5

I don’t love the idea of posting this bare belly pic for the world to see… but I wanted to point out the wide waistband on these pants, it really adds to the comfort factor.

*Sidenote* After taking this picture I was shocked…This is the first picture where I feel like I actually look pregnant! Ahh! So exciting!

I immediately throw these pants on after coming home from work… actually, any opportunity I have to wear them—I do! :)  I am obsessed. 

To be honest, I have yet to actually do any sort of physical activity while wearing them… but I’m hoping to feel up to doing some prenatal yoga soon!  I’ve got my eye on these two dvds… Maybe if I buy them it will magically give me that boost of energy I need? ;)

yogaoutlet logo

Anyways, besides the amazing maternity/prenatal gear that I have raved about… YogaOutlet.com has tons of spectacular options (both clothing and gear wise) for everybody!

You’re in luck too because right now they are having a HUGE Summer Sale.  The deals for awesome clothing and gear do not get much better than these… especially when any order over $49 gets free shipping!

Here are a few of the Summer Sale items I would jump on if I didn’t have this little baby bump to think about…

yoga outlet summer sale

1. Lucy Workout Racerback in Asphalt
2. Beyond Yoga Surplice Back Pullover in White
3. Beyond Yoga Women’s Gathered Legging in Neon Berry
4. Gypsy Junkies Backless Maxi in Charcoal

One last thing, Harrells on Hood readers can get a one-time 15% discount at YogaOutlet.com by using the promo code "bridgepose" at check-out on your first purchase!


For those of you that just skimmed to the end of the post, here’s a recap of the important stuff—Insanely cute and comfortable yoga gear, cheap Summer Sale prices, free shipping over $49, and a 15% discount on your first purchase… What are you even waiting for?!


  1. Those pants fit you so well, girl!! Love your sweet little bump! :)

  2. ah, love your bump! and those pants look great on you!

  3. It all looks SO comfy! That shirt is a nerdy mama's dream, too. <3


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