Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Favorites [ #thecirclelinkup ]

The crisp air is here and the leaves are changing… it’s officially fall!

fall leaves 2

Today I’m linking up (a bit late) with Kiki to share all my fall favorites!

1. Favorite fall fashion/clothing item?  Boots, boots, boots!  I love when it’s cool enough outside to bring the boots back!  My favorite boots were a Christmas gift from Zack many years ago but they are starting to get a bit saggy, so I may need to invest in a new pair soon.  Honorable mention goes to leggings, scarves, and tights… all are also great fall items.

fall boots

2. Favorite fall drink?  Shocker—I’m not a fan of the beloved PSL. I just can’t hop onboard that train.  I am a lover of iced coffee mostly, but the crisp fall weather really has me craving a hot cup of something delicious.  I’m a fan of dirty vanilla chai's and Mexican mochas. :) 

I will say however, there is a local coffee shop that has a drink special in October called Frankenstein’s Jolt.  It’s a crazy blended concoction that includes chocolate covered espresso beans ground up in the drink… it’s seriously delicious, but definitely not pregnancy approved.  I will be looking forward to getting one next October for sure.

Speaking of pregnancy, my latest craving has been hot chocolate!  Specifically from gas stations at night… for some reason that makes it better. 

3. What's something on your fall bucket list?  Well… To be honest, I am not feeling very ambitious this fall season.  Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy (!!!) and the exhaustion from growing a human is a very real thing.  I’m being practical this year and setting my standards low… if I get to do all the fun fall festivities, great!  But I’m not going to set myself up for disappointment. :)

4. Favorite fall recipe?  I mentioned a few things in this fall favorites post, like my chicken and white bean chili and these delicious “candy corn” cookies… I would say the cookies especially are a must-make item for the Halloween time!

candy corn cookies

5. Halloween candy or Pumpkin Spice Latte? Candy, for sure!

6. Favorite fall scent? I love the scent outside during the fall.  I don’t love many of the fall scented candles, but the smell outside is a hard one to beat.  (Christmas scented candles on the other hand are a different story, those are my jam.)

7. Favorite fall holiday? Thanksgiving and Halloween… are those my only 2 options?  Halloween is fun, but I love Thanksgiving!  The food in itself makes it a great day… but overall I just look forward to the no-pressure feeling of the day where you can just spend quality time with loved ones and reflect on all the blessings of life!


8. What is fall (weather) like where you live?  The typical Oregon fall is mostly full of soggy leaves and lots of rain, but lately it’s been sunny and gorgeous…so we’ve been soaking it up while we can!

fall leaves

What’s your favorite thing about fall?


  1. candy over a pumpkin spice latte?! ah! but, truth be told, i don't know how i would answer that one - i have a true devotion to both things. also, i'm with ya on boots being the best fall fashion item :)

  2. Aww, love this fall inspired post! :) I am loving my boots right now too!


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