Monday, December 8, 2014

Beach Boys at the Beach

This weekend was one I had been looking forward to for awhile!

Let me backup a bit…

Almost a year ago my family and I were supposed to go to Hawaii for a work convention, but our plans got derailed a bit when my favorite little niece Harper was due during the exact time we were to be away!  We heard that during this convention in Hawaii the Beach Boys would be performing… and I was pretty bummed.

I have so many great memories growing up listening to the Beach Boys with my parents and jamming to their relaxing carefree music in the car.  I couldn’t picture a better setting than listening to them perform in HAWAII with my family… so I was sad we missed that opportunity. (But well worth it, of course!  We still got to go to Hawaii… and Harper got to join us!)


(I was even more sad when I heard that John Stamos aka UNCLE JESSE showed up in Hawaii to do a special performance too…but I digress.)

Anyways, my parents heard that the Beach Boys were coming to Oregon and they immediately bought tickets for our family to go—I was just hoping I would be able to hold out on having baby JJ until after this weekend. (Spoiler—still pregnant! :)

Maybe it wasn’t the ideal Hawaiian setting, and maybe there were no special Uncle Jesse appearances… but we still had a pretty great time.



I was pleasantly surprised with the concert.  I mean, I think technically only 2 of the original members were there??  But they put on a great show!

After the concert we spent some time at the casino… Which even before I was pregnant I got a lot of weird looks because I look so young, but looking young with a huge 9 month belly in a casino is a whole new level of strange looks.  Ohhhh well. :)

The next morning we had this great idea to head out to the beach to take some maternity pictures.  Zack and I decided to not spend money on professional pictures and we were looking forward to getting some taken on the beach instead by my family…

2014 angela and zacks pregnant shots 011 (2)

In theory, it was a good idea… but of course the Oregon Coast in December did not cooperate and we got caught in a downpour about 3 minutes into our shoot.

Well, we tried.

Once we got back to the hotel and changed into some dry, warm clothes, we at least got a couple iPhone pictures in the hotel lobby. :)

IMG_3597IMG_3596Typical. :)


Overall, it was a great weekend with my family.  We are so thankful to spend these last few weeks making great memories… but now we are ready for our little guy to get here! :)

…and thanks again to my mom and dad for the early Christmas present!


  1. Aww I love those shots of you guys! So glad you got to see the Beach Boys perform! :)

  2. Love your bump! So fun you got to go see the Beach Boys!!!

  3. I have good memories of listening to the Beach Boys when i was a kid, too, so I think that's really cool that you got to go to the concert! And I like the one picture you guys got on the beach while you still could!

  4. How fun! I LOVE the Beach Boys - so much so that our wedding party walked down the aisle to "Wouldn't it be nice if we were married" :-) You look so great!

  5. what a sweet surprise! hawaii woulda been fun of course, but getting a niece and still seeing the beach boys? the best of both worlds :)


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