Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby Harrell [3 months old]

Another month gone by, I can’t believe my baby is 3 months old!  He is such a joy, and we could not be more thankful for him in our lives.

This blog has definitely fallen down the list of priorities, and it seems like whenever I have time to write an entry, I lack the motivation.  Especially now that I will be starting to work again, I just want to savor all the little moments with my little man.  I have so many ideas that I want to write about, and hopefully one day I will get back to this space to do so. :)

But until then, here’s my 3 month JJ update…

Untitled-1 copy

We didn’t go to the doctor this month so we don’t have a height update, but I feel like he’s longer already!  He’s growing so fast!

See above… :)

We went to the doctor this past month after JJ had some blood in his diaper, it turned out to be a little fissure in that area… which is no fun for him, but luckily it was nothing more serious!  He continues to be very congested and the NoseFrida has become our best friend.  His doctor said some babies just have small noses and stay congested until their little noses grow.


JJ has found his feet!  We have loved putting little shoes or slippers on him and watching him watch his little legs kick around.  He has also started blowing little bubbles, and he thinks it is pretty funny!  He recognizes his mom and dad and loves smiling at us whenever he sees or hears us… we love it too!  He still is very happy in the mornings, and is quite the little babbler. :)

JJ loves sleep still…but doesn’t like being tired or falling asleep, he will fight it to the very end! He also hates tummy time so we haven’t been doing it as much as we should because he will instantly start screaming!


He is out of newborn completely and starting to grow out of most 0-3 month clothes too!  3 months fit him perfectly, and some 3-6 month clothes are starting to fit now too!

He is still nursing every 3-4 hours during the day, and at night he goes longer stretches.  Sometimes his poor little nose keeps him from eating well, he is just so dang stuffed up!

We have been working on starting a bedtime routine with him, so when he starts to get sleepy around 7 or 8 we will change his diaper and put him into his jammies, read a story and put him down in his crib.  He isn’t sleeping at night in his crib yet, but we want to get him used to falling asleep in there.  He doesn’t love it yet—but we are hopeful.  Then when we are ready for bed we will grab him from his crib, change him into a disposable diaper (we use cloth during the day) feed him one more time and then put him in his bed in our room.  He will usually sleep until around 6am, eat, and then go back to sleep.


Our Favorite Things This Month:
Circo Sleeper Gowns—When JJ was a bit younger and we had to get up more in the middle of the night, we loved these sleepers!  They may be a little girly because they are nightgown-ish... but in the middle of the night they have been so great. Much easier than the jammies with tons of buttons, or struggling to get his little feet in to zip them up.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we LOVE having this Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.  We went to California on vacation this month and it very easily folds up to take with us. It's so convenient to just pack it up in the car, and I think it helps him sleep better too because it's familiar. (Maybe I just made that up--but it makes sense to me. :)

Covered Goods Nursing Cover—Zack’s cousin let me borrow this nursing cover of hers and I LOVE it.  It’s super breathable for JJ and it is great coverage for me.  Out of all the covers I’ve seen, this one has been the best by far. 

Boppy Pillow—This helps with nursing yes, but JJ also loves to lounge around on it. 

Chico TRE Stroller—We love our stroller!  We originally registered for this stroller, but I won a contest on Carrots ‘n Cake and received this stroller!  I am SO happy we did, it is amazing!  We haven’t jogged with it yet—but it has been great with our rough mountain terrain, we have loved taking it for walks!


-JJ has found his hands and loves to chew on them, he has even started to try and grab the pacifier out of his mouth so he can chew on his hands!
-Although he has always been a big smiler, he has just started to do little giggles and it melts our hearts!  He doesn’t just giggle a lot though, so when he does it’s so special!
-He definitely knows who his parents are and has started to play shy with certain people.  We don’t know what it is, but a couple people in particular he has just cried when they get near him!


Events this month:
-We celebrated his cousin Ryder’s baby shower.  We are so excited to meet this little guy any day now!  (It’s technically my cousin’s baby—but we will call them cousins anyways. :)
-We found out that he will be getting another baby GIRL cousin come July—Harper will have a baby sister!  Seems like just yesterday we were having Harper’s gender reveal!
-We celebrated JJ’s great grandma’s 80th birthday with a big surprise party! (My grandma!) He got to meet a few more relatives he hadn’t met yet.
-We went on our first trip to Borrego Springs, California!  It was JJ’s first big road trip and he was such a champ.  It was also his first time in the nice weather and first time swimming.  We also got to go to the San Diego zoo (amazing!!) and JJ got to meet some new family members… His great grandparents (Zack’s grandparents), my cousin Alex and his fiancĂ©!  It was such a great week!
-He also celebrated his first St. Patrick’s day!


Such a great month—it flew by!  I am soaking up every moment with this little guy, so blessed to call him mine. :)



  1. Love those big eyes! You have yourself a little cutie!

  2. Your little guy is SO cute!!! I'm glad he's doing so well! I love these baby updates. :-)


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