Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baby Harrell [6 months old]

6 months old…half a year already! 

Our little guy really has developed quite the personality, and it has been so fun to “get to know him.”  He, for the most part, is super easy going and has been such a great baby.

6 months old

These monthly photos are getting harder and harder to take!!


Height & Weight:
At his 6 month appointment JJ was measured at 26.6 inches long (50th percentile), 17.5 lbs (52nd percentile) and his head circumference was 17.7 inches (92nd percentile!!)

JJ continued to teethe this month but no sign of any teeth (yet!) We keep saying, “Any day now…” but haven’t seen anything yet.


JJ’s biggest like this month has been putting things in his mouth! I’m sure this has to do with the teething, but once he grabs hold of something you can guarantee it will go straight to his mouth! He also very recently has started to “throw” things.  I will put him in his high chair while I’m cooking or doing things in the kitchen and he loves tossing his toys off the edge of his high chair.  The first time I thought it was an accident but then he continued to do it over and over and found it so amusing! 

He has really loved grabbing and playing with his feet and even chewing on his toes!  Now that he can roll better he loves just rolling from side to side and scooting around on his back.  If it weren’t for the fact that he still doesn’t love being on his stomach, I would say he would start crawling soon… He has also started to turn on to his side once he falls asleep.


Being on his stomach is still not something he enjoys, and his crib!!!  We have been trying and trying to get him to sleep in his crib but he ends up waking up like every 20 minutes in there for some reason.  More on this below…

He fits into 6 month clothing as well as some 6-9 month jammies and pants.  We also just switched him into size 3 diapers.  (We use cloth diapers, but disposables at night.)


This month JJ continued to be exclusively breastfed.  He didn’t really start to show interest in eating until right around his 6 month “birthday.”  More on real food in his next month’s update. :)

As for nursing, he would still eat around every 3 hours and then up once or twice during the night to eat.  I don’t think he was hungry necessarily, but it would put him right back to sleep immediately so I would feed him… I know we don’t want to get into that habit, but you do crazy things in the middle of the night and you’re not thinking clearly. :)

FullSizeRender (2)

This month we experienced some of the worst nights we’ve had…ever.  I honestly don’t know how parents do it!  We were so spoiled with JJ being such a great sleeper, so when he stopped sleeping through the night it was rough for us.  I am going to blame the teething, because we had a few nights in a row where I probably slept a total of 3 hours a night… it was not fun.  This was towards the end of his 5 months and *spoiler* we had a tooth pop through after these crazy nights… (though, after he “turned” 6 months old. :)


We have really been working on trying to get him in his crib, but he honestly hates it.  We haven’t put him in there at night because during naps he wakes up so often… Since he’s bigger and starting to roll now, we don’t want to keep him in the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper anymore so we have started to put him in the pack ‘n play at night in our room.  We are hoping that this will get him more used to sleeping flat, and he will learn to like his crib.  Here’s hoping!


Our Favorite Things This Month:
-Sophie the Giraffe: I might have mentioned this before, but this month while teething, Sophie continues to be one of JJ’s favorite toys.  Who knows what it is about this little giraffe, but JJ truly enjoys gnawing on her little leg.
-Infantino Go Gaga Block Set: We brought this block set out this month and JJ Mostly loves to chew on them…but he also likes to knock over the towers that Zack and I build for him.  It’s fun for the whole family, really. :)
-Tag Crinkle Blanket: <--My mom made a little blanket for JJ (similar to the one linked) and he LOVES it.  He loves playing with & chewing on the little tags, and squishing the crinkle fabric in the corners.


-This month JJ has started to play with/grab/chew on his feet and toes.
-He has started consistently rolling from his back to stomach, and has done a few rolls in a row to get where he wants to be.
-In addition to above, he has learned (sort of) to scoot on his back to get where he wants to go.
-JJ has really found his voice!  He loves to make high pitched screams to get our attention and babbles away.  It’s funny to see that he seems to be pretty reserved around groups of people, looks like he might be bashful like his mama was when she was little…but at home he has no limits!

FullSizeRender (4)
-JJ’s new favorite face to make is sucking in on his bottom lip.  It’s pretty cute.
-His hair is finally starting to grow again!  When he was born he had so much hair, but then it dwindled… Now his bald stripe on the back is starting to grow in and he’s getting more on top.  It’s a lot lighter than when he was born so I’m really curious to see what color it will be!  He has one super long hair on his upper forehead that sticks out.  It’s so funny… Zack wants to cut it but I will not let him!


-My best friend and her husband came to Oregon for a couple days and JJ got to visit with them!
-JJ’s hand eye coordination is getting so good! It’s so funny how much joy I get out of watching him take his pacifier out of his mouth and then putting it in again over and over.  #momprobs
-This month we left JJ with someone other than grandparents for the first time while we went to a movie.  He did fine, of course… but we missed him so much! :)
-We celebrated Grandma Karen’s birthday! :)

-We celebrated cousin Hadley’s Baby Sprinkle!  She will be here next month and we are SO excited!
-JJ went to his first Family Olympics! (Post on this to come…)


JJ is truly such a joy in our lives.  Having him around hasn’t always been easy, but we are learning our new normal… and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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  1. awww he is the cutest little thing and how happy is he. he's so cute smiling all the time! Wow i can't believe thats been 6 months for you Angela! It sure doesn't feel like it from this end for you haha! Thats flown!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is SO cute! I can't believe he's 6 months already! Hopefully you'll get back to normal sleeping again soon!


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