Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Baby Harrell [7 months old]

Our happy guy is 7 months old! 

7 months

We don’t have a doctor’s appointment until 9 months so we will have to try and get some measurements on our own…but so far we haven’t. 

JJ has been a healthy little guy!  He is still teething we are guessing—but we have 2 teeth completely through now!


Our little man is such an easy-going baby.  He is so happy 96% of the time and such a joy to Zack and I.  He loves just laying on the ground rolling all over the place.  (We’d better start baby-proofing soon!)  He has definitely tried to scoot around but hasn’t quite figured it out yet.  JJ loves to move his arms like crazy, he has been flapping his arms wildly and loves to just watch his hands open and shut.  It is so awesome to see his wheels turn and watch him figure things out around him. :)

There’s not much this guy doesn’t like these days… the only thing really is certain foods, and big groups of people.  The stranger danger has gotten a bit better, but I think that’s because as parents we’ve learned how to handle it better.  When we get places I try and hold of on letting people just grab him before he warms up.  I feel bad and like people are judging me or thinking I’m too overprotective… but I just need to stop worrying about that because I know it’s what’s best for JJ.  Unless he’s in an ideal mood—the screaming still happens around unfamiliar people!


The 6 month clothes are getting a bit snug, and the 6-9 fit perfectly.  Just 9 month clothes are mostly still a bit big.

We started feeding him food this month and it was a rough start, we kind of had to “trick him” into it.  but so far his main likes are parsnips, (weird, right?!) avocados, and bananas.  It’s getting better, but he still doesn’t love some foods like sweet potatoes, (everyone says all babies love sweet potatoes…not the case) butternut squash, apples, and sweet peas.  We are trying them multiple times, but these ones are more of a struggle.

I have been using this book as a base for his eating—review coming soon!

We have made big steps forward this month in terms of crib sleeping!  When it comes to naps, he still sleeps better (and longer) on the couch for some reason… but at night he is 100% sleeping in his crib!!

He isn’t fully sleeping through the night anymore though, he usually wakes up once or twice—once between 1 and 4 and then again usually again between 4 and 7.  I feed him though and he goes right back to sleep so it’s not too bad.


Our Favorite Things This Month:
-Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops: A few times this month JJ was really upset and we had a hard time consoling him.  We would get him calmed down but every time we would lay him down again he would start screaming again!  We figured it had to be gas… I was given these drops at one of my baby showers and we finally busted them out!  They seemed to work super fast and he fell right asleep!  Lifesavers.
-Teething Rings: We found a set of these rings in our toys and didn’t really think anything of them…but once JJ got hold of them he loved them!  They are just rings that hook together, but he is obsessed with chewing on them and shaking them around.  We don’t have this particular set—but similar.
-Tigger Lovie: I might have talked about this lovie before—but this month he loves it for a different reason.  The corner of this lovie has a plastic chew part attached that JJ loves…he actually looks for it on the corner of all his little “lovies” but this one is the only one with it… genius really.
-Munchkin Infant Spoons: When Zack’s cousins came to visit they bought a pack of these spoons for their baby and left them at our house.  Now that JJ is eating we use them and they are a great size for his little mouth—and they are soft enough for JJ to chew on and not worry if he grabs hold of it.
-The First Years Teether Beads: We got a set of these teether beads as a hand-me-down and JJ is really loving them.  Besides the rings above, this is his favorite!

He also still loves his playmat which I have mentioned multiple times. :)

FullSizeRender (4)

-This month we celebrated Zack’s first Father’s Day!  I had to work :( but Zack and JJ got to spend the day together.
-We also celebrated JJ’s first 4th of July!  We went to my parents’ house for a relaxed BBQ night—but plans changed when my sister unexpectedly had to go into the hospital for some false labor…

-^^On that note, although JJ’s cousin Hadley didn’t come on the 4th of July, she came 5 days later—and we were SO excited to meet her!

-We also celebrated the birth of my cousin’s baby, James!! Growing up will be so fun with all these cousins around so close in age!
-This month JJ learned to “give kisses.” He opens his mouth and leans in!  It’s the cutest.  He’ll even give kisses to himself in the mirror!

-JJ also started to “play” peekaboo!  He will pull the blanket or towel over his head and then throw it off and laugh!  He is just the cutest.
-This month JJ’s arms have gone crazy—he has discovered his hands and spends a lot of time watching them open and close.  It’s so cool to watch him discover things!  He will “wave” although he doesn’t mean to I’m sure, but we are working on it.  He will also repeatedly flap his arms up and down and just laugh.  It’s so funny, but we have to make sure that he doesn’t whack himself in the face with his toys.
-We are also working on sitting up.  He’s getting really good at it, but is still a little wobbly.

-This is not a “milestone” per say, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning that this month it has been so fun to watch JJ and Harper interact.  It is crazy to think that they won’t remember what life was like before they really knew each other—and it has been such a joy to watch their relationship blossom.  She is obsessed with him and says “JJ!” over and over and over again, and gives him plenty of kisses when they’re together.  JJ is still a bit wary of Harper, but he is getting much more comfortable.  He even kissed her back the other day!  Another cousin was over the other day and got a little too close to JJ for Harper’s liking and her protective instincts kicked in.  It was so cute to watch, and I can’t wait to see them become friends!

-Finally, this month JJ’s grandpa, uncles, and great-grandpa came to visit!  He had a great time spending time with all the guys, and I was so proud that he didn’t scream around them… because the stranger danger is still in full force.

-The big milestone, of course though, (as mentioned above) is that JJ got his first two teeth!


We love you so much, little boy—We could not feel more lucky to have you in our lives.  I can hardly believe that you are 7 months already!

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  1. Love that photo of him in the 'all american boy' shirt and the hat! He's got the cutest expressions!

  2. He is the cutest. I love that picture of him in the little toy car. He looks like the happiest little guy!

  3. Aww, I love that he's such a happy baby! That's awesome! :)

  4. Ummm... So your son is the second most adorable little baby boy. Just thought you should know. :-)


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